SEO Checklist – What You Should Check Before Lauching Your Website

March 21, 2010

There are some points which are to be considered while designing a site for SEO. So here i present some points which are need to be considered by Designers & Developers.
1. URLs should be static with the theme of the specific page content ( i.e on flagstaff hotel page url should be flagstaff-hotel).
2. Put the Product/Services/Category Name in h1.
3. Call the Same Page Product/Services/ Heading to the title.
4. Call the Same Page Product/Services/ Heading to the meta’s if given separately.
5. Get the product/ services name ( keyword ) into product/services description.
6. As much possible highlight the products/services with EM, I, U, B, strong.
7. Keep the URL, short, specific and keyword oriented not just like most “on the fly” URLs.
8. Define image alt as per image don’t just put any keyword forcibly.
9. While creating sitemap for dynamic site keep in mind it covers almost all the pages which have description and content. And give each URL a very specific title ( as per page content/product/services.).
10. Create a Robots.txt
11. Use the Anchor Text ( Hyperlink the Product name in content with most specific page).
12. Try to make Navigation User Friendly as well as search engine friendly. Simple and easy navigation fancies Visitors as well as robots.
SEO Checklist For Web Designer
1. Design the website not just as per SEO point of but it should be very elaborate so the visitor can quickly guess the business of website in a glance.
2. Most possibly try to put the content side from topmost and from the very left ( But don’t compromise with the design layout or quality).
3. Try to design the navigation from topmost or top left as much possible ( But don’t compromise with design layout)
4. Try to highlight all the product/services or Main categories on Home Page if Possible (This will help the users to have easy access of all the products in single click and also it will help Search Engines to crawl the product/services pages instantly).
5. Name all the images as per theme and product or services, images with full product name i.e. a image of flagstaff hotel should be named as flagstaff-hotel.gif not like prd1 or product1.
6. Put the product names/services names in text not a image ( For Coders).
8. Rename spacer.gif / pixel.gif / zero.gif as the main client product/services like(if there is a popcorn supplier use it as popcornsupplier.gif).
SEO Tips for Flash Designer
1. Make text basis representation of the flash using noembed tags.
2. Put the swf name full and as per the accurate services if the theme is multimedia fireworks.. Use multimedia-fireworks.swf instead of using just fireworks or multimedia.
3. Usually embed with a html or any static page and provide meta description and title for the page.
4. If possible copyright, sitemap, terms and condition link keep on page instead of using text. Give a Static Navigation of each flash page (Of Product/Services/About).
5. Provide a title and description for instances.

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