Cessna Citation at Yao airport (???????? ???????

July 9, 2011

Cessna Citation CJ1 JA525A ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang with John and Martha — Highlights

May 5, 2011

See clips from the soon to be released course from King Schools, Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang. The course will be available for purchase by early April 2011. The course will show you what it would be like to get started flying a Cessna Citation Mustang. Take a ride with John and Martha as they go through the process of becoming certificated to fly the Cessna Mustang Single-Pilot…and then take a trip in the real airplane! This course will cover the excellent ground school and simulator training experience at FlightSafety International and will take you along on Martha’s first trip as Pilot in Command of the real airplane. During that trip both John and Martha point out important concepts regarding flying jets in general and the Mustang in particular, from preflight and takeoff all the way through to landing and shutdown.

Aero-TV: Improving the Citation X – Cessnas Elliptical Winglets Update

April 15, 2011

Manager Gary Genge Discusses the Winglets Retrofit Update From its maiden flight in September of 2007, to its first retrofit in August of 2009, Cessna’s Citation X Elliptical Winglets update has made extraordinary progress in the past two years. After receiving their supplemental type certificates from the FAA and EASA for the installation in June, Cessna Aircraft Company announced the first delivery of the Citation X to be fitted with Elliptical Winglets. Though the first installation was carried out at the Wichita Cessna Service Center, plans are currently underway to expand the Elliptical Winglet installation to all nine Cessna Service Centers throughout the US and Europe. A collaborative effort with the Wichita-based Winglet Technology, the patented design optimizes lift distribution along the entirety of the Citation X wingspan. The resulting reduction in induced drag significantly improves the operational performance of the Citation X. The exceptional technology has increased takeoff weight and climb performance in hot or high departure locations; the Citation X can now climb to FL450 at maximum takeoff weight (increased to 1200 pounds), with a maximum cruise speed for altitudes above FL410 increased up to 15 knots. In addition, the Elliptical Winglet installation dramatically increases the aircraft efficiency, providing for a 4-5% reduction in fuel consumption and a maximum range increase of up to 150 nautical miles. Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., All

FLIGHTLEVEL 350 cessna citation XLS

April 14, 2011

Strange approach, Cessna 560 Citation Ultra HD

March 5, 2011

16.01.11, 15:18 The Cessna made a very close curve just before landing at the aiport Bern-Belp (LSZB). Wath do you think about it? Was it a less unnormal approach than I thought?.. Filmed with a Nikon D3100 all rights reserved by fantaa1993

Airspeed – Flying the Cessna Citation Mustang

March 2, 2011

A demo flight in the Cessna 510 (the Citation Mustang). As featured on the Airspeed podcast (www.airspeedonline.com).

Flying over Southern Greenland on aero-taxi GlobeAir Cessna Citation business jet

February 21, 2011

Courtesy of GlobeAir, an Austrian Aero Taxi company, I had the opportunity of flying over the North Atlantic en route to Europe on a Cessna Citation Mustang business jet. The weather was very bright and the scenery over Southern Greenland spectacular.

Landing a Cessna citation on Hawaii, FSX

February 5, 2011

Please rate and comment. don’t know why the vid isnt stretched

Air Hamburg Private Jets Cessna Citation CJ3 Startup Landing Hamburg HD Gopro

December 30, 2010

Air Hamburg Private Jets Cessna Citation CJ3 Startup Landing Hamburg HD Gopro

Cessna Citation XL Taxi out, Delta ERJ 170-200LR Landing/Taxi In, United A319 Departure

December 25, 2010

I have no idea why it’s so fuzzy. I was trying to figure that out throughout the trip there. Taken 12-23-2010. Ignore the talking.

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