First Jet landing on the Cj1+ in BRE

July 8, 2011

ILS Approach RWY 27 with broken clouds in 500ft AGL

Cessna Citation CJ1 Giant RC Jet

April 4, 2009

High Friends: Please enjoy my 8th flight in Wr. Neustadt of my CJ1 with 3,35m Span, 21kg with full fuel, powered by 2x Funsonic FS 70. Start was towards the active rwy of Wr. Neustadt, so I had to perform a “circling takeoff”. Landing in real heavy and turbulent crosswind with pneumatic brake failure, which I realised only at takeoff, when the brakes did not hold the runup of turbines. So I had to circle the landing run as well, not to overshoot. Problem was with the electronic gear valves …

Duration : 0:2:9

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