Fatal Plane Crash in Adams County Colorado

August 28, 2011


Rc Cessna Crash

August 5, 2011

Meine geliebte Cessna ist abgestürtzt

HK Cessna 182 RC airplane Flight and CRASH!

May 15, 2011

I was flying my little Hobby King Cessna 182 after work one day and had Michael flim a little on the sony Bloggie. We are in a church parking lot down the street with TONS of trees and light poles, I fly there a lot even though 1 tree already ATE my Starmax F35, (it is glued back together and still flying as well though) This video is completely UNEDITED. My favorite part is when he says , “it’s like the trade center” well not quite.. Unfortunatly he missed the wing slowly flipping down after the crash. still good footage though. I have the plane epoxied back together and it looks great, I will give it a test flight soon but I’m sure she is as good as new, you gotta love foamies.

Flight Safety and Crash Survival with Brigadier General William Spruance 1998

December 9, 2010

Courtesy FedFlix, public.resource.org Brigadier General William W. Spruance was commissioned in the US Army Field Artillery on his graduation from Princeton University in 1939, and entered active duty a year later. Pioneering the use of light planes, he piloted his own aircraft with General Patton’s Second Armored Division. He completed military flight training in 1943, and transferred to the Air Corps, later serving in the China-Burma India theater flying the “Hump.” He was released from active duty in 1946. He was an original member of the Delaware Air National Guard, organized in September, 1946, and served in various positions until he was named Assistant Adjutant General for Air, with the rank of Brigadier General, in 1956. He retired from that post in 1976. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal; the Distinguished Flying Cross with one oak leaf cluster; the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters; the Conspicuous Service Cross of Delaware; and a Command Pilot rating, with more than 4500 hours. Since a near-fatal crash in 1961, resulting in extensive burns, he has given more than 1400 lectures on crash survival and flight safety to more than 140000 people, and has made several training films. He has received many testimonials from those who credit him with saving their lives. Department of the Air Force Flight Safety and Crash Survival with BG William Spruance (Retired) AVA20883VNB1, October 1998 This program is an aircraft crash survival presentation, by

Part 2 –Two helicopters collide then crash in Flagstaff Arizona

November 12, 2010

It’s the first of July 2008, and I am visiting my son who works at the hospital in Flagstaff. The hospital has a helicopter pad and there are a numerous life flights in and out of this hospital. I was parked nearby the hospital in my motorhome, and I could hear helicopters approaching for a landing on the helicopter pad. It was noisy and I was waiting for the noise to die down because I was expecting an emergency phone call regarding my father’s health when all of a sudden there was an explosion in silence. I knew instinctively there can only be one explanation so I grabbed my new high-definition camera and was at the crash site in less than five minutes. I had no idea what I would find or what to expect. Six people perished that day in the crash, and a nurse who had survived initially died a few days later. The second helicopter further up the hill exploded while first responders were attempting to rescue any survivors injuring three first responders.

Horrible airplane crash on Airshow in Indonesia! Cessna crash

November 5, 2010

Airplane crash on Airschow! Its Horrible, this little plane crashes on AIrfield! The pilot makes during acrobatics maneuvers on to low high and the plane crashes! Bad accident worst accident indonesia ever seen caugh on tape death plane aircraft crash accident indonesia bad worst caught on tape crashes!

Fallen Angels (UFO Crash Retrieval)

September 19, 2010

Discover how Top Secret Radar Facilities could have caused the Kingman, Roswell, Aztec and other UFO crashes. Learn how Above Top Secret Recovery Teams and MJ-12 were formed to deal with the UFO problem as well as recovered advanced technology by experts like Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, Nick Redfern, John Greenwald, Scott Ramsey, Dennis Balthaser & Jim Marrs. While filming this project we inadvertently captured on film several airborne objects that we could not identify, one of which was filmed only 50 miles south of Area-51 during a live bombing exercise at the Nellis Air Force Bombing Range.

New York Plane Crash Flight Instructor Tyler Stanger Memory

September 6, 2010

Tyler Chase Stanger was the the flight instructor of the New York plane crash with Cory Lidle. It deeply dissappointed me when I typed in “Cory Lidle” and hundreds of tribute dedication videos came up. Yet when I typed in “Tyler Stanger”, my search beared no results. 🙁 This video is dedicated to him, his wife, Stephanie(my sister), his daughter, Ashlund, his son, Powell, and his mourning family. If you would like to find out more information on Tyler Stanger, go to stangers.us Don’t worry, no pop-ups or spyware. Now here’s a biography quoted from stangers.us: Friendships were important to Tyler. Cory Lidle was one of those special people to him. Anyone in Tyler’s circle of friends knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them or with them. Cory would call Tyler in the middle of the night for answers to the questions on his ground school portion of his flight training. Tyler was happy to get up and come to the phone and teach him in the middle of the night. They traveled together from time to time and their wives became fast friends. Tyler, Stephanie and Ashlund had traveled to New York City to vacation together with Cory and his family. Stephanie shares that they had a marvelous time together and Cory saw a lot of New York that he was unable to see during the baseball season. Tyler also had a Pilatus flight to Ogden, Utah the week before where he had dinner and visited with his brothers, sister and grandparents in Utah. It will remain a special time to remember as

Emergency crash landing Cessna 210 – onboard camera + TV news

August 8, 2010

emergency landing on the grass strip due to total hydraulic loss in gear system. Karlovy Vary int. (LKKV) Czech Republic

Controlled Crash of Cessna

May 14, 2010

Nosewheel would not come down, pilot burnt off fuel and performed the inevitable landing. Steady filming provided by Sam from MKT airfield in Noonamah. Great effort by all involved.

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