Arizona?s Fiercest Creatures

March 27, 2010

As the fire blazes on, the Phoenix Suns mascot prepares for his brave slam dunk jump thru a smokin’ hot ring. No, it’s not an aggressive tiger mascot jumping that ring, it’s Go the Gorilla. Fans Go the Gorilla. Fans go silly for this primate, and it’s widely known why. The Suns mascot is one of the gutsiest, most entertaining and highly charitable mascots in the nation. Word has it this Phoenix Suns mascot was born from a singing telegraph sent to the arena back in 1980. The fans liked him so much, the Suns decided to adopt the hairy fellow. Go is still heating up the stadium to this day. Although Arizona was disappointed at first at Baxter’s arrival to the Diamondbacks, they quickly grew to like the gigantic loveable Bobcat. The good people of Arizona thought it only fitting that a snake should represent the team name, but Baxter has shown them otherwise. If you put a lion and tiger mascot together, you’d know what D. Baxter looks like. His full name, D. Baxter fits perfectly with the teams own nickname, Dbacks. If you have ever had the concession of attending one of the Diamondbacks games at Chase Field, you may see Baxter out there livening up the stadium and inspiring his favorite team. What’s better than a tiger mascot? D. Baxter the Bobcat.Who does not love the Arizona Cardinals? After almost winning the Superbowl in 2009, everyone has their eyes on this little desert team. That big red bird you see strutting round the field is the team’s favorite winged creature. Huge Red just celebrated his 10th birthday as the official Cardinals mascot. Similar to the life of a bobcat or tiger mascot, Big Red spends his off days doing charitable work with the tutorial system, hospices, and other events. He’s high energy and always ready to help his team make it to the finals. What a guy!When you mention Arizona’s top mascots, that group had better include Sparky. Arizona State Varsities mascot is red hot and energetic as they come. There isn’t a lion or tiger mascot out there that Sparky can’t keep up with. You can regularly see Sparky doing back flips, push-ups, handsprings, and masses more at every game. The bunch goes fully bonkers for Sparky and ESPN even rated him one of the nation’s best mascots. Last but certainly no where close to least, is a mascot who calls Flagstaff his home. Louie the Lumberjack was made to respect of many lumberjacks that used to dot Arizona’s land. The gorgeous tree covered mountains of Flagstaff provided a perfect haven for these hard working fellows. Northern Arizona School is happy to represent the land and their heritage with Louie. Whether your state has an eagle, bulldog or tiger mascot, hopefully they can keep up with the smokin’ hot mascot state of Arizona..