City of Flagstaff VS Cyclist Part 2

April 22, 2010

Follow up to City of Flagstaff Vs Cyclist. This Video contains the footage from the bus camera. Riding in to work 10:15am Saturday morning. Street are mostly empty, the bike lanes are mostly blocked with snow. I choose to say as far to the right as possible while avoiding the snow. This but me in the far left of the bicycle lane. A City Transit bus comes very close to me although there is no other traffic on the road. I follow him to the Transit stop and confront him and gather evidence to provide the police. The driver calls the cops, they arrive and tell me that I do not have a right to 3 feet as a cyclist and write me up for Disorderly Conduct-Fighting/Disruptive Conduct. After the first video the Flagstaff PD review the case , only to conclude that since I was in a bicycle lane the 3 foot law does not apply. To this day they refuse to cite the driver. This video was request by an Attorney and was provide by Mountain Line for a fee of $56.75. Update will be posted here and on

City of Flagstaff vs Cyclist

April 11, 2010

Riding to work early Saturday morning 12-19-09. I was “buzzed” by a City of Flagstaff transit bus. I had moved to the left side of the bicycle lane to avoid a pile of snow. The bus chose to come within a foot of me, even though their was no other traffic within blocks. I followed the bus to the main transit center. I took a photo of the license plate, and tried to get a good photo of the driver. I then followed the bus riders on the bus in order to get a better photo. The driver soon realized that I wasn’t there for a ride. The following is some of the incident that I recorded on my phone.