Demo Flight: Cessna 210L w/ IO-550, N210BR

June 23, 2011


CLS_VLJ Phenom 100 FTD Demo Video

March 19, 2011

Commercial Level Simulations, Ltd. announces our new Flight Training Device for the Embraer Phenom 100. The FTD utilizes a 42-inch touchscreen monitor, flight controls, and single-seat. The Phenom 100 FTD is future expandable to include Phenom 300 flight performance and features as a software upgrade. Using our experience gained from the Eclipse 500, CLS brings in-depth knowledge of Light Jet simulation design to help Phenom owners prepare for type training. For more inquiries and purchase information, please contact CLS at:

RAP4: KT ERASER – CHASER Paintball Pistol Demo

January 9, 2011

KT eraser and chaser paintball pistol demo and test firing video.

Bad Monkey Speaker Sim demo

December 6, 2010

Since the Klon vs Bad Monkey video has been so popular, I thought it might be fun to show the Bad Monkey’s speaker sim function as well. Here it is straight into the computer with a bit of reverb added for room. I think the Strat sounds better with it; the Floyd’s humbuckers are just too hot. What do you think? Either way, these pedals can be had for less than US$50 with a bit of searching so they’re pretty good value for money. 🙂 Mick Brierley pickups link –

Catalinbread DLS Second Demo – Stacking

September 3, 2010

Here’s the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret stacked with three of my current favorite dirt boxes. With a little tweaking it seems to love all of them. I ran the DLS at 18v for more headroom and better dynamics. It runs great at 9v after having tried it at 18v I can never go back. Give it a shot. Recorded with my Brierley Handwound Pickups loaded Clapton Strat and the Laney VC50 2×12. I stuck a bit of ‘verb on at the end to give it some space (IK Multimedia CSR Vintage Plate). Links:

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret Telecaster Demo with Sadie and Burgs

August 28, 2010 The Catalinbread camp have hit pay dirt with the Dirty Little Secret. Sadie and I love it. Here’s hoping you will too!

Just Cause 2 PC Demo – Flight and Explosives Training

July 14, 2010

Alright, it’s game time! I figured I would start making and sharing some of my gaming fun here on ThreeNineLine as well! In this vid I’m having some fun with the Just Cause 2 demo that was released today. This video shows the very first things I did in the demo. I haven’t even tried to do any missions yet. It’s way to fun blasting stuff into the air and grappling on for the ride of a lifetime! This is the best sandbox game ever! Lots of fun stuff to do, but ,of course, my favorite is using the grappling hook to hook onto anything heading skyward. The base jumping in this game is going to be epic! Can’t wait for the full release!

driving Demo at Kingman 08

June 7, 2010

not a bad drive but the pointer lines hung up and they could not turn which made the leaders over compensated!

Kingman Chaser Paintball Gun Shooting Demo

May 27, 2010 This is the Brand new Kingman Chaser paintball gun. This gun is great and shoots 11mm Paintballs at 300 FPS. The Gun is light weight and a great gun to have as a backup.

Cessna 400 Corvallis – Attractive pilot, walk-around & demo w/ stall

April 26, 2010

Ryan and Scott demo the Awesome Cessna 400 Corvalis Turbo! This plane is amazing, and I don’t know what’s more attractive, the airplane, or the Cessna demo pilot…

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