Homes Developed by Northern Arizona Builders

October 16, 2010

There has been a lot of development in northern Arizona in the last couple years. As the population grows you can expect a lot more too. With business growth comes more employment opportunities. And as you know creating the development great homes and communities.

The real estate market here is diverse, offering different type of home options. Looking into the type of homes being built or coming up for sale, buyer can chose from any one of the following options:

Single-family homes – You get to own the whole home structure and can do with it what you please. No sharing of common areas and hence no common areas maintenance fees. Extremely well designed single-family are becoming more affordable. Some homes are being offered for on average $40 per square foot.

Condominium units – Here you will have the advantage of getting an easier to maintain home at a great affordable price. Some condominium constructions offer attractive facility, such as swimming pool, separate garage parking for each owner, garden, tennis court, gym and so on. A maintenance fee has to be paid for maintenance of common areas, but this will allow you to leave on business or vacation for long periods of time and never have to worry about the upkeep of your place of residents.

Townhouses – Buyers have the advantage of getting a structure that is similar to a family home, except they have to share the side walls of their home with other residents. A maintenance fee has to be paid for maintenance of common areas. This type of housing is more affordable then both a single-family home and condominium unit.

Move-in Ready Homes – Buyers have the advantage of moving into this form of a home within just a period of 30 day as everything is ready for occupation. Good incentives are offered on such home purchases.

Log Cabin Homes – There are several builders that are still developing home to look just like a log cabin. These homes have all the amenities as a regular home with just a rustic woodsy feel.

Custom Built Homes – Buyers have the advantage of buying a home that is exactly according their expectations in every way. You will never be disappointed with the design, because well you designed it.

Luxury Homes – The benefits of purchasing a luxury home are the lavish and relaxed lifestyle. You get the best of everything. Each luxury home is unique, offers certain features seen in none other, special security and much more.