Oxford Aviation Academy Managing Director Ab Initio Training Discusses MPL Initiative

June 1, 2010

Anthony Petteford, Managing Director of Ab-initio Aviation Training of UKs Oxford Aviation Academy discusses how his flight training organization differentiates itself from the competition and delivers global flight training solutions at all levels of training for its cadets and customers. He also discusses his WATS presentation pertaining to his organizations Multi-Crew Pilot Licensing initiative that is being readied for deployment this summer at client FlyBe, Europes largest independent regional airline carrier. This will be the first MPL program in the UK; credits to Oxfords forward thinking initiative. Key factors have been the FTOs unique blend of training at virtually all levels such as the development of successful synthetic training devices developed to help pilots in single pilot operations to make a better transition to multi-crew environments. He also points out that the other key factor in the transition towards MPL has been the deployment of a Mechtronix Ascent® Jet Trainer™, simulator built for bridge training, and has successfully been deployed for other MPL initiatives through Mechtronix. Mr. Petteford also gives his perspective on MPL and what it will mean for safety in aviation. Interested parties can find more information at www.oaa.com or www.mechtronix.com.