Cessna R182 Skylane RG II Cockpit – Donauwörth to Schwabach

May 12, 2011

Part 2 – Flight from donauwörth-genderkingen (edmq) germany to portoroz (ljpz) slovenia airport with this cessna 182rg. A long flight over the alps with a great sight to them. The sound from the 182 engine was amazing, loved to hear it. See a good recorded flight and enjoy it! Watch the whole flight which includes inflight, wing views, atc sound, engine sound, cockpit close ups, clouds, sunny weather, wing views, copilot scenes, alps, sea, austrian and slovenian landscapes. This channel will show you aviation really close. Every month new flying videos from all over europe. Videos aren’t full with music which destroys the video and they are filmed not blurred. Feel free to leave a comment or rate if you do want to. Subscribe if you want to see more flying videos recorded in cockpit with high quality! Marc Ulm Photography – 2011