Landing in the 737 full motion cockpit simulator, Dublin Airport

May 14, 2011

This is my first ever landing in a REAL full-motion cockpit simulator. This flight training facility is based at Simtech in Dublin Airport and although it is the older 737-200, it is nevertheless a fully functional simulator with all the instrumentation and the usual bells and whistles. Here, flight simulator and aviation enthusiast Anthony Murphy lands the 737 on runway 28 at Dublin Airport. Excuse the nose drift after landing – I was not used to the pedals and did not apply enough pressure to steer the plane on the runway. Thankfully, the instructor gave me some help. Landing was full flaps, 140ias.

Landing Cessna 172 Dublin Airport Ireland

January 4, 2009

Description: Cessna 172N EI-ING Landing behind British Midland A320 on Runway 10 Dublin Airport with a Ryanair B737-800 holding – Returning from The Aran Islands on the West Coast of Ireland. The video starts on left base One Zero – Can you spot my traffic on final? !

Duration : 0:3:29

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