T-Rex Effects: MUDHONEY II (Stratocaster to Laney VC50 clean channel)

October 1, 2010

www.t-rex-effects.com There’s something really cool about the new Mudhoney II. It’s kind of a mix between subtle fuzz and distortion and sounds great LOUD. I’ve demoed it for this channel with both single coils* (this video) and high output humbuckers and to my ears it eats up both and has a lot of fun in the meantime. Then there’s the obvious added bonus of having two channels (not stackable) and two degrees of gain for each channel. A two channel amp, if you will. Cool. Your thoughts? Cheers, Brett Kingman *The 2006 Clapton Strat I use has had the stock pickups and electronics replaced with Mick Brierley Hand Wound Pickups (see www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au) and 50’s style wiring and pots.

profpilot.co.uk | #7 Flight Control Effects

June 16, 2010

www.profpilot.co.uk | Video 7 looks at the secondary effects of the primary flight controls, Adverse Yaw, frise and differential ailerons, and how the engine can affect flight dynamics. For European pilot training course information, requirements, descriptions, listings, flight school reviews and more videos, go to www.profpilot.co.uk

Full Motion Sim on Cessna, Ground Effects

June 13, 2010

Demostrating the Ground effects, on and off the runway… And some accelaration effects too.