Planning Your Arizona Wedding Event

March 24, 2010

If you were recently engaged and are beginning to make plans for your Arizona wedding, you have selected one of the most beautiful places in the world to hold your event. From the Valley of the Sun to the Tucson area, there are so many attractive venues available to you where you can wed and hold your reception. Before you start visiting churches and wedding halls, there are some things you must keep in mind when planning your Arizona wedding. Likely, you are pressed for time and this bit of information can help you stay focused while offering to you a stress free solution.
A Ring and a Date
When your fiancé slipped an engagement ring on your finger, did a specific wedding date come to mind? Chances are that it might have. Much of what happens next depends on how soon you want to wed, the type of wedding that you have in mind, and the number of guests you plan on inviting. Of course, your work schedules must be factored in especially if you imagine yourselves spending two weeks of honeymoon bliss on the unspoiled beaches of Cabo San Lucas or enjoying the historic sites of new found splendor in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Whatever your honeymoon desires may be, they can impact the day that you hold your wedding.
Summer or Winter; Inside or Outside
Some couples dream about holding their wedding outside perhaps in a park or up in the mountains overlooking the Valley of the Sun. As you may know the summer months are prohibitively hot in Arizona and certainly not ideal for an outdoor event even in the early evening hours when temperatures are still near one hundred degrees. On the other hand, an outdoor event from mid-October until early May can be a lovely alternative with the mid winter weeks being the very coolest.
If you are planning an indoor wedding then it matters less what time of year you choose to marry. As long as you can apply all of your make up and get dressed on site, you can avoid the high outside temperatures certain to impact the way you look and feel.
Looking For Help
More than likely you and your fiancé are extremely busy managing your careers and are having a difficult time imagining pulling all of your wedding plans together stress free. Today’s busy couples have learned that asking for professional assistance in the form of a wedding consultant can remove a great deal of pressure as well as help them with the many twists and turns they are certain to face between engagement and the exchange of vows. If this is the situation for you, then consider hiring a wedding consultant to handle the bulk of the arrangements for you.
A wedding consultant can lift the heavy burdens you will soon be facing and handle them with class and distinction. She should be personable, a good listener, and very well organized. Moreover, by hiring a wedding consultant with a wealth of satisfied customer recommendations you and your espoused can then be assured that your wedding planning is in capable hands.
What She Can Do For You
There is very little that a wedding consultant cannot or will not do for busy couples. Typically, a wedding consultant will:
Order the floral arrangements.
Help with gift suggestions.
Hire a disc jockey, stringed quartet, or band.
Negotiate with the reception hall.
Contact caterers; preview menus; sample food.
Advise on marriage licensing requirements.
Interview photographers and videophotographers.
Liaise with bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Organize transportation from church to reception to airport, etc.
Handle emergencies and implement back up plans when required.
In truth, there is very little that a wedding consultant cannot do, all the while knowing exactly when to discuss matters with the couple and when to resolve issues on her own.
Peace of Mind and Sensibility
Many couples who have successfully used the talents of a professional wedding consultant will mention two important points about her: she removed much stress off of their shoulders and she saved them money. Yes, a knowledgeable wedding consultant skillfully pulls all of her resources together to provide an elegant, yet cost-effective event that truly permits the newlyweds to enjoy their special day without outside cares and concerns crowding in.
How about you? If you are planning an Arizona wedding from the Valley of the Sun to Tucson, then The Perfect Weddings can help make your event one that is truly unforgettable and virtually stress free.

Carman Announces Spring ?For Real-For Now? Event Dates

March 8, 2010


Personal Live Setting Continues to Sell Out In Markets

February 15, 2010 – Carman, a cultural phenomenon, with 15 gold and platinum CD’s, 10 million sales, the largest CCM concerts in history exceeding 80,000 plus, is doing the unconventional again this spring. The “For Real-For Now” tour is an intimate, LIVE setting during which Carman, humorously reveals, the little known facts about how he survived a life of extremes. All done through creative story telling, laughter and music.

“The “For Real-For Now” experience found its name for the significant reasons, says Carman, “Because we need REAL solutions for where our lives are right NOW”.

With over 1 million recorded conversions for Christ, Carman reveals his triumphs and tragedies as the most effective, yet entertaining soul winner of our generation.  Fans can purchase guaranteed seating passes at or at each venue. Carman’s New Website has been updated with new cities for 2010 as they are scheduled.

February 24, 2010 Life Changing Reality Christian Center, Fairfield, CA

February 25, 2010 Calvary Community Church, Salinas, CA

February 26, 2010 Lemoore Assembly of God, Lemoore, CA

February 27, 2010 World Mission Maranatha, Bellflower, CA

February 28, 2010 Moreno Christian Assembly, Moreno Valley, CA

March 13, 2010 Kingman 1st Assembly, Kingman AZ

March 25, 2010 Christian Life Center, Yakima, WA

March 26, 2010 Christian Life Center, Port Orchard, WA

March 27, 2010 Lighthouse Christian Center, Port Angeles, WA

April 15, 2010 Chestnut Ridge Church of God, Hubbard, OH

April 18, 2010 Turning Point Christian Church, Shelby, OH

May 1, 2010 The Connection Church of Statesville, NC

May 9, 2010 River of Life Family Church, Lewisburg, WV

May 11, 2010 Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center, Front Royal, VA

May 12, 2010 New Life Assembly of God, East Berlin, PA

May 14, 2010 Living Bread Worship Center, Delmar, MD

June 3, 2010 Family Worship Center, Victoria, TX

June 4, 2010 Victory Assembly of God, Universal City, TX

June 6, 2010 Abundant Grace Community Church, Edinburg, TX

Mass UFO Sighting New Jersey 9 Jan 09 !!

January 14, 2009

New Jersey-01-05-09-While driving home near interstate 287 northbound, I pulled over to watch the lights. They lasted about 15-20 minutes, then shot off into the distance.

I took a short video taken with my camera. My passenger and I both experienced awe as we watched. Neither of us have seen anything remotely close to this before.

The lights must have been visible for miles. They changed in pattern and shape throughout the 20 minutes or so.

Second Report

As an amateur astronomer of nearly 20 years experience, this is the second time I have seen something in the sky that is difficult to explain. I was on my apartment stoop smoking a cigarette when my neighbor, who was just coming home after parking his car in our complexs lot, called my attention to something around the corner of the building.

I moved to share his line of sight and immediately saw an equilateral triangle composed of six red lights. The lights shone at approximately -2.5 magnitude and covered an area of roughly 9 square degrees in the sky.

Three lights marked each of the triangles corners, and three others were arranged outside around them, forming a larger triangle, equal in proportion and orientation to the inner one.

As I watched, the individual points were in motion with respect to each other, but the group appeared to hang motionless in the southwest sky. At this point, the approximate alt-az of the lights was 160°(SSE) by 35° elevation.

I ran inside and retrieved my 6×30 image stabilized binoculars to get a better look. The formation had shifted to an irregular lambda shape of five or six lights when I came back outside.

Through the binoculars, the lights appeared as tiny points against a backdrop of clouds illuminated by nearby Morristown.

They were clearly below the cloud deck compared to airplanes elsewhere in the sky at the time, and appeared to be separate objects in no way connected by a larger structure.

They moved steadily in ascending, lateral, and descending directions in a manner that seemed to display deliberate coordination, but there was no noticeable sound of aircraft.

I returned inside again and readied my digital camera after waking my fiancé. By the time I started collecting video, the visible lights had been reduced to three or four and had moved to approximately 130°(SE) by 20° elevation and the formation covered less than the area of the full moon.

By this time, eight minutes had passed from when I originally observed the lights.

My fiancé and I watched them, with two of my neighbors, as they hung low in the southeast sky, flickering in a tiny triangle. They shifted into a straight line before the individual lights began to rapidly descend beyond tree line one by one.

One or two could still be seen hovering near the horizon in the distance before they vanished, leaving only a solitary beacon remaining higher up until it abruptly faded.

If the lights had not ascended during this event, I would have been fairly certain they were some kind of aviation flares, but I cannot confirm, as I am not familiar with that sort of thing.

Duration : 0:1:19

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