Finding Arizona Living Expenses Estimates

August 8, 2010

The cost of living in a city or state often determines whether or not people decide to move there. Arizona has become an attractive state to live in because of the climate and the low risk of earthquakes and hurricanes. Those contemplating a move to this state ask about Arizona living expenses estimates to help them determine which part of the state they choose to live in. This information is available from real estate agencies that have properties for sale and it is also available online One way to do this is to use a cost of living calculator that allows you to enter your salary and the name of the city in which you currently live. Then you can compare this data with the city or rural area of Arizona where you plan to relocate. You can also enter your other bills to see how much money you will have left at the end of each pay period.


If you look at the cost of living indicators for various cities, you will see that it is cheaper to live in Phoenix than it is in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago. However, it is slightly more expensive than if you live in Salt Lake City. The cost of living in Phoenix has dropped since 2006, making housing more affordable. In addition, the city has the lowest combined state and local business tax in the country, making it less expensive to start and run a business. The property tax in the state is the seventh lowest in the country.


When you look at the cost of living in an area you have to look at the average prices of five main categories:


* Housing


* Food


* Utilities


* Transportation


* Insurance


When looking at the price of food, you also have to compare the cost of clothing and other retail items with those in other locations. Insurance includes both home and auto insurance. The estimates of how much it costs to live in Arizona are not very different from the estimates of other states. Some of the costs of living in Phoenix are slightly more than in the rest of the country, but the cost of living in Tuscon is the same, while those in Flagstaff and Yuma are lower than in other parts of the US. When calculating the costs of living expenses, you shouldn`t neglect to include leisure time costs as you do need to have some enjoyment.


The housing market is one area of importance to those wishing to live in Arizona. Houses are generally priced for the ordinary wage earner making it easier for you to own your own home. For students attending university in one of the cities in Arizona, the cost of living includes the price of your books and tuition. If you are not living on campus, you have to search for affordable rental housing. The closer you live to the university, the more you will pay for rent because this is the prime rental area for students. If you choose a location a bit farther away, then you have to measure the cost of transportation against the higher rent.

Finding a new home in Arizona

June 16, 2010

Looking for that perfect home in Arizona is often rather difficult. Do you go with a big city like Phoenix or a small town like Wilcox? Do I buy or rent? With so many choices it’s hard to know what to do. Thankfully, we’re a bit of an authority when it comes to moving in Arizona and we’ve got a few trips to help you Arizona movers get things done.

The first and most significant choice when moving in Arizona is choosing the area you will live in. Do you pick a big city, a small town, or something in between? Before you decide, you need to think of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish with this move. Are you moving to get a new job? Are you going for better schools or is it an issue of affordability? If a career is your focus you should do a bit of research on your industry.

For some industries such an animation and design work you’ll find that a big city like Phoenix or Tucson is your best choice. Other industries like Journalism can survive in any number of environments but thrive best in mid-sized to large cities like Chandler and Scottsdale. If affordability is your main concern you may want to try a smaller town like Chinle, Rough Rock, or Burnside. These are quiet and relatively inexpensive towns that are ideal for Arizona movers who need an affordable place to live. These towns are amongst the most inexpensive places to live in Arizona.

If finding a good school is your focus then a good place to live would be Flagstaff. It’s a college city by reputation and is home to Northern Arizona University as well as many others. There are universities such as NAU and Pines At University as well as Community and Junior colleges like the Arizona Institute of Real Estate and Coconino Community College. It’s no wonder this city is one of the most frequented in Arizona by academics.

The decision to rent or buy depends heavily on what the individual’s future plans are. It’s unwise to buy a house if you have no long term plans to remain in the area. If you buy a house now you may find that trying to sell it, even a few years after buying it, will be nearly impossible without doing it for far less than you paid for it. Renting is often a better choice in today’s economy.

It makes certain sense when moving to a new city because it’s less of a hassle to simply leave once your lease is up or to pay to break it if you find that the new city isn’t what you thought it would be. Following these tips is guaranteed to make for smooth sailing come moving day.