A Fishing Trip to Galt, Canada for a Wide Variety of Fresh Water Fish

March 5, 2010

Galt founded by the novelist John Galt, was a city along the Grand River and Speed River in Ontario. Canada. In 1973, Galt, with the towns of Hespeler and Preston were combined to form the city of Cambridge in Ontario Canada. Galt was also previously known as Shade Mills. Now, that takes the confusion out in case you are searching for information about Galt. Galt has had a long history since 1784, when it was one of the Indian Reserve lands along the Grand River granted to the Six Nation Indians by the British Crown.

The Grand River in Ontario, is at least 250 kilometers long, from Alton, passing through Cambridge and then to Lake Erie and is known for the abundance of fresh water fish. The flow of the river varies according to the terrain in the areas it passes by but it slows down as it passes along Galt , Hespeler and Preston which makes that part of the river favorable for fishing. A lot of fresh water fish have been identified and documented for the reference of visitors who would like to have the Grand River experience.

The flow of Grand River across several towns and cities has also provided a convenient means of transportation and the towns that make up Cambridge now, Preston, Hespler and Galt were part of what was known as “The Freshwater Fishing Capital of the World” However, throughout the years, there was some decline in the fishing activities at Grand River and this concern is being attended to by the Grand River Fisheries Management Plan and by the Grand River Conservation Authority, aimed to maintain the river’s reputation as the place for a high quality fishing experience.

With the management team in place, the Grand River, with its clean waters and abundance of freshwater species, particularly the brown trout, continues to attract fishing trips from around the world. The length of the river provides any fishing trip with varied and interesting experiences.

Fishing continues to be a major tourism activity in the Grand River in Galt, now part of Cambridge. Visitors can expect to catch a wide variety of fish species, like the carp, bullhead, rock bass smallmouth and largemouth bass, salmon, and of course the rainbow and brown trout.

With its rich historical heritage and tourism facilities, the Grand River in Galt maintains it’s a favorite fishing trip destination in North America.