Cessna L-19 (O-1) Model 305C

August 5, 2009

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Cessna Citation 500

August 3, 2009

Try out this freeware add-on. Link to FlightSim.com here – http://tinyurl.com/kr8jah
The FSX version is here – http://tinyurl.com/m746n7
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Cessna Citation 500 was created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules using ets from Flight Simulator 2004, © Microsoft Corporation.

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Cessna 206 Soundpack preview

November 29, 2008

Turbine Sound Studios`s new Cessna 206 soundpack

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Aero-TV: Next-Gen Airplanes Require Next-Gen Training (Part

October 30, 2008

Just How Will They Train All Those Eclipse Pilots, Anyway?

E-I-C Note: One of the wonders of the computer world is the gamut of amazing capabilities we have at our possession… but the curse of it all is revealed when these new-fangled wonder go “Tango-Uniform.” Part one of this program was presented October 14th and as we were preparing to upload Part 2, a so-called redundant drive array signaled that it was having problems… and it did. That’s all fixed now, and so we’re pleased to (belatedly) present Part Two of “Next-Gen Airplanes Require Next-Gen Training.” We think you’ll see it was worth waiting for.

Despite all the growing pains ociated with getting the Eclipse program up to speed, one thing continues unabated… Eclipse Pilot training. A visit to the factory flight training facility a few weeks back showed ANN that this was one part of the program that seems ready and able to keep up with the demand, and that Director of Customer Training, Randy Brooks, seems more than optimistic about their efforts.

Just last January, Eclipse told us that the FAA had awarded Eclipse’s training provider, Higher Power Aviation (HPA), authorization to conduct Eclipse 500 Type Training under HPA’s Part 142 Training Certificate. The authorization increases Eclipse’s training capacity and enables the company to type rate customers entirely in its certified Level D Full Motion simulators.

During the Part 142 certification process, the FAA examined Eclipse’s training curriculum and analyzed how Eclipse uses its advanced simulator to train and type rate customer pilots prior to an aircraft delivery. The certification came just two weeks after the FAA certified Eclipse’s first flight simulator as a Level D Full Motion device.

The first class of customer pilots began their flight training in the Level D simulator within days, with subsequent classes beginning every two weeks. Eclipse now has three Level D Full Motion simulators in operation, which allows the company to train and type rate 60 customers per month. The certification was accomplished through partnerships between Eclipse Aviation and HPA of Dallas, TX; OPINICUS of Lutz, FL; and Flight Simulation Company (FSC) of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Eclipse built a state-of-the-art Flight Training Facility at Double Eagle II Airport on Albuquerque’s west side just over a year ago. Eclipse flight skills essment eval programs and HPA’s Part 142 type rating training are conducted in the simulators.

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