Tokoroa Aeroclub April 2010 Fly-in

September 8, 2011

The weather was cold, overcast and occasionally drizzly but that didn’t stop fixed and rotary-wing pilots flying in for this annual event. Helicopters, autogyros, microlights, military aircraft — there was a lot of variety to be seen at the field. The FW190 is also featured in another video I’ve just uploaded if you want to see more of that little beauty.

Family going to the Chillicothe, MO annual fly-in. Flying our Cessna 172 (N7114T)

March 27, 2011

Picked the family up at 06MO early in the morning to fly to Chillicothe. The temp/dew point spread was minimal and I did pick up some carb ice (engine sputtered) on the way to pick them up that morning. Of course carb heat saved the day and we had no further problems.

Valdez May Day Fly-In 2009 STOL Cessna 150’s

August 23, 2010

Light touring class STOL competition, Valdez, Alaska. Two stock 100 hp Cessna 150’s give the big guys a run for their money. The second landing in the Airobat was the shortest landing in this class at 184′. Total scores were 444′ and 482′ respectively.

Bullhead City Fly-In

August 3, 2010

Bullhead on Veteran’s Day

2008 Cessna 150-152 Club Fly-In Banquet Video

June 15, 2010

Free and Easy, the Banquet International Cessna 150-152 Club’s 2008 Fly-In at Clinton

Indoor Electric Fly-in. Stormlauncher, Cessna, Blades ,Ukie

May 20, 2010

Will Stormlaunchers fly inside this small room? Watch and see, plus see flights from several months of flying here where it is nice and warm inside to fly small electrics when it is cold outside. Flights of Cessna 210 and Citabria by Parkzone, Blade 400, CX2, NiteRanger coaxial heli, E-sky Honeybee. Electric U-Control, plus more. Thanks for watching. More helis can be seen at Here is the link.

MoTown Ultralight Fly-In, Feb. 2010

May 11, 2010

PPG and Ultralight Fly-In at Mo-Town air strip, Arizona: Aviation, ultralights, powered paragliders, fireworks and bowling-ball cannon. Oh, what fun it was!