** Xteme Paintball ** ||| Kingman Training Exhibition Games

June 13, 2010

paintball-xtreme.blogspot.com Kingman Training exhibition match featuring B-Real & Rojo from Stoned Assassins vs Alex Fraige & Ryan Greenspan from Dynasty! Also includes SWAT vs Street Villain scenario, Army vs The French and a recreational paintball player one-on-one matchup. KT Pistol markers use 11mm paintballs (.43 Cal.) powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge with a magazine that can hold 9 paintballs and shoots up to 250 feet per second. Each 12 gram CO2 cartridge can shoot up to 80 paintballs. xtreme paintball kingman training b-real stoned assassins alex fraige ryan greenspan dynasty hb huntington beach uspl event kt eraser chaser marker pistol spyder

Flight Pro Sim – Making Flying Games Software

April 9, 2010

How to fly is really a matter of skill, like riding a bicycle; once you learn how to fly you will have the feel for life. This potential freedom is what makes flight simulation games so appealing and popular.For anyone who has ever dreamed to learn how to fly the good news is that there are flight simulation packages that can turn you into a genuinely skilled aviator. The best in flight school training is, potentially, only a couple of mouse clicks away where you can learn all there is to know about flying with various aircraft of your choice and unique landscapes.Flight simulation games have really sprung to life in recent years as the developments in graphics and animation have made them much more realistic and so true-to-life. The best games available are used by real pilots for their own training and for preparation purposes. This is great news for those of us who have always wanted to learn how to fly but have been limited by location, time, or funds.Essentially you will learn how to fly using the same training tools as real pilots and you can become equally as proficient with a little practice and dedication.You’ll start with the basics, learning all you can about the cockpit. Display panels and controls are exceptionally realistic in top-end games. Once you get used to the dials and controls you learn how to get the aircraft moving trying them out.When you start in the direction of the runway for the first time it is an amazing feeling. The sudden shift of the plane, feeling the camber of the runway, the response of the controls to cross-winds and other weather conditions, all give you a sudden lurch into the feel of what it is to learn how to fly. Life-like effects on runways of lights and markings, seeing the landscape move past you as you accelerate, make flying as realistic as possible. You also choose day or night, whatever time zone you wish. And then, suddenly, you take off! You are airborne, flying for the first time! It is an exhilarating moment that hooks most of us that want to learn how to fly into lifetime aficionados of flight simulation games.Based on real maps and charts, landmarks in flight simulators tend to be exceptional; urban areas are lit at night, car lights are visible on major roadways, train tracks, lakes, and bridges are all there. The entire skyline of the flight from start to finish is an experience that makes you return to your game again and again. In the better games the landscape moves flawlessly alongside you with the sun and planets moving position with yours.Real flight training comes down to persistence and the desire to learn how to fly. An excellent flight simulation game will enable you to learn how to fly and enable you to move forward to an almost infinite variety of plane, flight plans, and scenarios so you can really exercise your passion to its fullest.Click Here For Flight Pro Sim Instant Access Now!

Hero Online – Flight Training

January 10, 2010

Hero in game play along with pre flight training

Duration : 0:9:7

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