Getting your wings with a Cessna 172 ? Why is this aircraft better?

February 19, 2010

Around the world the most popular flight training aircraft is a Cessna plane. Beating the other aircrafts hands down, a Cessna plane has stood testament to time and held its ground as one of the most dependable and user friendly airplane in the industry. This is probably why numerous flight training schools around the world have taken it up for imparting pilot training to students. As an aspiring pilot I have been trained on the Cessna 172 and have found it to be extremely accommodating and user-friendly. The most interesting aspect of the Cessna 172 is its incredible civil utility.

Soaring to the skies for the first time in the year 1955, the Cessna has been in production from then on till now. Over the years the Cessna planes have earned their place as the most successful mass produced light aircraft in history of aviation. By 2008, a total of 43,000 Cessna planes had been sold to people around the world.  This single engine, high wing, four-seater, fixed wing aircraft has been known to be one of the most efficient options for learning how to fly.  Created by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the Cessna 172 has many variants that come with different features, however the most common elements that runs through all the Cessna planes is the ability of the plane to offer absolute ease and convenience to fliers. The ingenuity of the Cessna 172 and its solid design has allowed fliers to soar with greater confidence in the skies.

Great Visibility

Two Door entry for easy access

Flower Flaps that allow short landings

Conventional Airfoil that does not stall abruptly

No Fuel Management required

Great Control

Incredible Stability

Sturdy attachment of the nose wheel to the rudder

Capacity – 4 people

Length – 27 feet, 2 inches

Weight  – 736 kilograms

Maximum Speed – 141 mph or 228 kmph

Range – 790 miles or 1,272 kilometres

Rate of Climb – 720 feet per minute

Service Ceiling – 13,500 feet

A Cessna 172 plane is your best bet for pilot training and is your set of wings that will let you fly in ways you never thought possible. This is based on my experiences as a pilot training student at Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA –