Rotor Aviation – Give a Gift of Flight with Helicopter Lessons in San Diego

March 27, 2010

With a New Year, so comes a new year of celebrations. There will always be birthdays and anniversaries; perhaps this new year, or the new decade, will bring graduations and weddings as well. Maybe the simple achievement of another year of health and happiness is enough reason to celebrate. Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, if a celebratory gift is in order, why not give them the gift of flight with helicopter lessons in San Diego?Rotor Aviation is a reputable flight school that can turn the gift of flight into reality. For over ten years, they have been offering helicopter lessons in San Diego, bringing helicopter flight training to a wider audience and turning ordinary people into helicopter pilots. Structured according to the Federal Aviation Regulations, each course meets the experience requirements of the pilot rating sought. At the first level, students at Rotor Aviation can earn a Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate. This boundary-expanding license enables the holder to fly privately to virtually any helicopter-friendly destination. The Private Pilot Certificate course involves Jeppessen books for the course work, ground instruction, dual flight instruction, a written test, and the excitement of an In-flight and Oral test. If a student is able to commit to one and a half hours per day of instruction and study, he/she can earn a Private Pilot’s License in four weeks. Imagine the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with the gift of helicopter lessons!Beyond the Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate, Rotor Aviation also offers helicopter lessons in San Diego for an Instrumental Pilot Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, or a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate. The knowledgeable, real-world instructors are enthusiastic about their profession and happy to pass on their skills in the classroom and the cockpit.Based at Gillespie Field, ten miles from downtown San Diego, Rotor Aviation provides their students with one of the most diverse helicopter flying environments in which to learn to fly. The stable climate and long sunny days in Southern California practically guarantee that a student will be able to maximize his or her daily flying hours and achieve their certification goals quickly. A student may have to fight a little traffic to get to their helicopter lessons in San Diego, but can be satisfied with the thought that he or she will be able to simply fly over the traffic in the future!Rotor Aviation is proud of their high teaching standards and efficiency. Their students are able to achieve their certification in less time than most other flight schools, making them a productive cost efficient school. They accept only as many students as they can handle, and then work to make sure that each individual has the necessary support and time of the instructor to be able to reach his or her personal aviation goals.For more information or to find out how to register for helicopter lessons in San Diego, visit RotorAviation.