Talkeetna Good Time

May 2, 2010

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As a young man growing up near Valley, Nebraska, I dreamed of wild adventures and living “on the edge.”  In simple journals, I recorded my thoughts and wild imaginings.   As life provided new experiences, I captured my world through photography and words.  Later in life, my wife and family encouraged me to share my tales of the North with others who share my enthusiasm for living big.In my book “Talkeetna Good Time,” I open up my heart and reveal intimat… More >>

Talkeetna Good Time

Is Investing in Arizona a Good Investment?

March 3, 2010

Home values have been appreciating in recent years. Some investors who were investing in commercial properties are now investing in residential properties. In Arizona, Tucson is an exciting investment atmosphere. Investors are investing in Tucson because it gives them a high rate of return. Tucson is a great area for second home purchases also. There are a very high percentage of winter visitors in Tucson.

The investor can purchase a second home, rent it on a short term basis to a winter visitor at a high rate, and be left with a vacant home to come visit the rest of the year. Apart from homes, many investors have succeeded investing in commercial properties as well as vacant land. Most of the U.S. wealth is a result of real estate investment. Most people will start by using a rental home first. Then when comfortable and see the benefits they buy more. The best places to buy house in Tucson include Catalina foothills, continental ranch, northwest and west Tucson, sahaurita, Pima country, Oro Valley, and Dove Mountain, among many others.

There are various other good places to live in Arizona. The White Mountains are in the northeastern Arizona between phoenix and the New Mexico. White Mountains in Arizona are over 750 square miles, but only 13 percent of it is private Arizona land for sale. This area is beautiful because it offers hours of bird watching, quad riding, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Most people love to live in this area because they want to get ride from the pollution of the city and lead a happy life which is not possible in cities.

The two hot spots in Arizona are temple Town Lake and Arizona canal near downtown Scottsdale. Most of the area in temple Town Lake is designated for private development and the rest is kept as open space, wildlife habitat and parks. This town conducts 50 community events throughout the year. The future temple marketplace is slotted to provide 130 acres of outdoor mall with dining, shopping, and a multiplex movie theatre. This area has a stunning lake and mountain views from your private patio, courtyard and balcony.

As this area is developed you can reach the sky harbor international airport and Arizona state university very quickly. In Arizona canal near downtown Scottsdale there is significantly less water. As the banks of the canal undergo landscaping improvements the area is quickly becoming a hot spot for walking, biking and jogging. The two Arizona’s hottest waterfront developments, temple town lake and the Arizona canal near downtown scoots dale are both great options for people looking to enjoy the urban lifestyle without the responsibilities of traditional home owning.

Scottsdale is considered one of the world’s most popular retirement areas. It is known as a city of luxury. One of the interesting points of scoots dale is that there are incredible golf facilities that are located throughout the country. Scottsdale is a legend for its fantastic nightlife.

Get a Good Start With Flying Rc Cessna 182

February 16, 2010

Flying a RC plane often may put you on hassle when it comes to choose the right toy plane. You are now quite about to buy a RC plane but still you are floating on the choices, as variety of planes are before you at the same moments. Okay, this is natural but if you are quite new enthusiasts then a lot of conveniences with these toys should be checked before to meet you with the best option. Flying a Cessna 182 is a quite easier for the beginner as it comes with simpler functions and in a just ready to fly state.

Assembling a RC plane can be a tedious work if you are a beginner. So, you just need such an option which enable to jump on the fly right out from the box. Though still you have to work some actions like charging the battery and put it into the toy cabinet and switch on the remote control start button. Cessna 182 comes completely in a pre-assembled state and makes your way easier anytime to fly.

Certainly there are some quite cozy features that make this RC plane best for your plunge. RC Cessna can perform for a smoother speed of up to 50 m/h which can certainly be a exhilarating factor for the beginners. It has a strong Styron-foam body which gives this plane a quite sturdy shape and durability. The compact size and eye-catching design makes it best choice for you and help you handle the play just in a funny way. This toy plane has a 480 motor engine that is backed by a power battery of 7.2V. You can easily fly this plane for a continuous period of 13-15 minutes with a full-charged battery without any interruption in the game. The body size is perfect at any playfield and with having a wingspan of 38.5″ and length of 29″ it no doubt gives you a better and much stable flying experience. The power full remote control adds more freedom at flying, as you can easily get your plane up to a height of 2500 ft.

May be you have a fixed budget but once you have decided for a RC plane paying 179 dollar would not be a much expense for you. Though this an approximate price for this plane and you can find even somewhat differed prices with retailers, you need to first visit different stores online to get the best price. Make sure putting a little much time on comparing prices can definitely help you get the best deal