Kingman Spyder Paintball Guns

February 28, 2010

Spyder Paintball was founded in 1994. Today, most of the guns are made by Spyder and distributed by Kingman, a partner company. Since 1994, Spyder has been an etalon for the beginner-intermediate level for the affordable price and reliability of the Spyder guns.  From the low-end models like Compact 2000 to middle and high-end weapons like the Spyder EM 1, Spyder SE and Spyder EX, Spyder have always followed their routine while creating paintball markers – quoting their website – ‘to offer an easy to use, reliable quality paintball marker, and make it affordable to all players.’.One of the latest models, the 2008 Kingman Spyder Electra, is one of the best middle class paintball guns which costs somewhere around $200. The gun is a part of the Classic Series gun line, which was started back in 1995.  Other series by Kingmann Spyder include Kingman KT Series Paintball Guns; Kingman MR Series Paintball Guns; Kingman VS Series Paintball Guns and Kingman RS Series Paintball Guns. Each of the series has its highs and lows, with most of the guns from series being used both in tournaments (when upgraded) and just for playing in the woods.There are also Semi-Auto Spyder markers and Electronic Spyder markers; all of them are comfortable, easy to use and cheap. Their ‘Opus Magnum’, the 2004 Spyder Imagine, was one of the first bestselling electronic markers, that can still be found in various fields throughout the world.The Spyder designer team has a lot of talented designers, as we can see by taking a look at the 2009/2010 Spyder catalogue.The upcoming 2009/2010 models – an upgraded Pilot and an Electra from the Classic series; the upgraded semi-automatic Spyder models ‘Xtra’, ‘Sonix’ and ‘Victor’ all look great, and what’s even better – the fans have learned to trust them. The new electronic marker, MR2, is a design masterpiece, with its trigger standing out from the marker crowd with its ergonomic positioning. MR1, an upcoming semi-automatic marker has the same trigger and a rifle-like overall design, giving extra props for the cover players, and in capture the flag, when the players don’t have all the time in the world when they need to aim.As for the future… maybe their next model will have another innovative improvement like the 2002 Spyder AMG, which was the first to have a fast and efficient electronic trigger frame. We all know that Spyder is one of the top paintball marker companies; their innovations are awaited with a lot of anticipation. There is no telling of what can happen next, but we sure know that it’ll be a sound announcement, when the next Kingmann Spyder gun gets released.

U.S. Border Patrol news break at international airports

October 12, 2008

This video explains the Border Patrol at international airports for travelers arriving from other countries.

Duration : 0:3:42

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