Flying Flight Design CT at Tahoe with Paul Hamilton

December 26, 2010

John Dunham and Paul Hamilton fly the Flight Design CT from Carson City Airport over Lake Tahoe. Go to to learn all about light-sport aircraft and become a pilot.Air to air shots, cockpit shots plus the beauty of Lake Tahoe make this a good view of LSA flying.

IFR flight Hamilton NY KVGC to Morristown NJ KMMU Cessna 172sp 6/25/2010

October 31, 2010

I had to re-upload the video. The last one wouldn’t play smoothly due to the bit rate settings. Let me know how this one looks on your end. Link to my write up and pictures from the flight Our return flight from Hamilton NY KVGC in our Cessna 172sp N159sp now know as N150th. Stephen flew out under the hood as he was just beginning his IFR flight training and I flew back. The ILS was flown under the hood but unfortunately the audio was disconnected. Hope you enjoy. Check us out on our website