Paintball vs FACE – 600 FPS (high speed cam.)

December 28, 2010

Hey! Hit F5 to skip the AD!!!! Paintball gun takes a crack at the notorious head. (someone please suggest a name for it!) Filmed at 600 frames per second. Range approximately 50 feet. All paintballs were marked with dots or other markings. – – -All music in this video is created by Nathan Wills and used with permission. (thanks!)

Flight from High Level to Regina in a Cessna Citation

November 20, 2010

Cockpit view of a flight from High Level, Alberta to Regina, Saskatchewan in a Cessna Citation II (C-550). Flight time was just under two hours at a cruising altitude of 37000 feet.

Take-off and high speed low pass by Cessna 310

October 18, 2010

A Cessna 310 takes-off and returns to the airfield to make a high speed low pass over the runway much to the entertainment of spectators

Sarah Jackson Performs in Mohave High School 2001 part 3

October 9, 2010

Sarah Jackson performing with the Mystic Rythm Show choir at Mohave High School in Bullhead City Arizona 2001.

Hang Gliding Novice H2 High Altitude Training Flights At Ed Levin Park

September 26, 2010

These are my early high altitude flights from Ed Levin Park in Milpitas California. I use these videos to critic myself and seek improvements on my flying skills.

Pilot Training ? The New High!

March 22, 2010

Flight or pilot training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft. The overall purpose of primary and intermediate pilot training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills. Pilot training is gaining a lot of interest and momentum these days especially among the adventurous types and prospective pilots. This has resulted in the opening up of many aviation academies in India like Chimes Aviation Academy, which boasts of providing pilot training on Cessna 172 and is also one of the best aviation academies in the country.

While undergoing training at an aviation academy, the student is given a Student Pilot License. After training, he can opt to become a private pilot or a commercial pilot. To become a private pilot, one has to obtain a Private Pilot License while to fly a commercial plane, Commercial Pilot License is required.

Student Pilot License is given those with 10+2 with science and aged at least 16 years should register at a flying club which is recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India.

The second step is the Private Pilot License (PPL). PPL training includes sixty hours of flying of which about fifteen hours are dual flights, that is accompanied by the flight instructor and at least 30 hours of solo flights apart from five hours of cross-country flying. This makes one eligible for the Private Pilot License exam. The prescribed age for appearing for this exam is 17 years and an educational qualification of 10+2 along with a Medical Fitness Certificate issued by the Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment (AFCME).

A Commercial Pilot License may be obtained only after a PPL has been acquired. To obtain a Commercial Pilots License, 250 hours of flying (including 60 hours for the PPL) is necessary. Besides that one has to undergo a Medical Fitness Test and an examination.

Although there are various types of aircraft, many of the principles of pilot training have common techniques. All pilot training courses consist of some combination of theoretical learning conducted on the ground and practical exercises conducted in the air. Initial pilot training is often conducted in specialized training aircraft (most aviation academies use Cessna 172), which are designed for benign handling characteristics and lower costs compared to the aircraft which the pilot concerned is ultimately aiming to fly.

Aviation academies train an individual on the various skills required to fly an aircraft. It teaches a pilot the process of flying an aircraft through the air with proper direction and control. It also teaches the students to understand the weather forecasts. A Commercial Pilot License holder is supposed to be an expert in leading his crew and the passengers even in trying circumstances and a leader par excellence. Besides academic qualifications, a commercial pilot should also have a sound mind in a healthy body, lot of courage, determination and self-confidence.

Chimes Aviation Academy is one of the few aviation academies in India that boasts of a sound education system, world class facilities and a fleet of brand new aircrafts. More information about Pilot Training can be found on

Best 2009 USA High School Track & Field Performances Feature 10 New Records – Part 1

February 17, 2010

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

Ten new records were set this season when the automatic timers finally stopped and the best 2009 USA high school track and field competitive performances were in the books.

The only double record-setter was not an individual, but the Track East Carolina relay team made up of New Bern High School sprinters from Raleigh (NC). Their 3:19.58 effort in the 1,600 sprint medley relay swept away the old mark of 3:21.1 with Fuquawn Greene’s 21.5 and Miles Sparks’ 21.8 in the 200, Andrew Hendrix’s 46.6 in the 400 and brother Anthony Hendrix’s 1:49.7 in the 800.

Track East Carolina also set the 800 sprint medley relay record with a 1:28.20 clocking that erased the old mark of 1:28.43. The absolute dominance of the Track East Carolina team was shown as they also ran the nation’s fastest times in the 4×200 relay and the 4×400 relay.

Albemarle High School’s 4×800 relay team also got into the act by setting a new standard of 7:30.67, wiping out the old mark of 7:32.89. Albemarle’s 800 runners were fast and deep—Garrett Bradley went 1:55.43, Zach Vrhovac 1:50.57, Luke Noble 1:55.34 and Anthony Kostelac 1:49.33.

The other 7 new USA high school records were set by Reggie Wyatt in the 300 hurdles (35.02), Marquise Goodwin in the long jump (26-10), Mason Finley in the discus (236-06), Curtis Beach in the decathlon (7,466), Shelby Greany in the 2,000 steeplechase (6:33.7), Toni Young in the high jump (6-04), and Anna Jelmini in the discus (190-03).

Last year the two dominant athletes were German Fernandez and Jordan Hasay. Fernandez set new records in the 3,000 and 3,200 and led all comers in the 1,500, 1,600 and mile. Hasay set a new record in the 1,500 and led all comers in the 3,000, 3,200 and 2 mile.

This year college recruiters saw more quality athletes emerge. Among of the boys were Andrew Springer who led everyone in the 1,500, 1,600 and mile; Trevor Dunbar who was first in the 3,000 and 2 mile; Lucas Verzbickas, a freshman who led the 3,200 and 2 mile; and Marquise Goodwin in the long jump.

Among the girls were Chelsey Sveinsson, a sophomore who led the nation in the 3,000 and 2 mile; Kori Carter who swept the 100 and 300 hurdles; and Ciarra Brewer, a sophomore in the triple jump.

Two of last year’s outstanding graduates—German Fernandez and Christine Babcock—continued to perform at a national caliber level as college freshmen. Fernandez went to Oklahoma State and promptly became the NCAA Division 1 champion in the 1,500, running 3:39.00 compared to his high school best of 3:44.8.

Babcock went to the University of Washington and, combined with incoming freshman and Canadian junior national cross-country champion Kendra Schaaf, led the Huskies to their first ever NCAA Division 1 Cross-Country Championship. Babcock finished 5th in 20:02 in team competition at the 2008 NCAA Championship meet and Schaaf finished 9th.

Babcock ran 4:33.82 last year to set the new national high school record for the 1600-meter run and clocked 4:35.41 in the mile, the 2nd best high school time ever (the national record is 4:35.24).

Here are the current United States high school track and field records through 2008 followed by the best performances by high school competitors during 2009:

USA Boys High School Track and Field Records and Best 2009 Performances:

100 Meters: – 10.01 – 10.30 by Randall Carroll of Cathedral High School in Los Angeles (CA).

200 – 20.13 – 20.58 by Dentarius Locke of Chamberlain HS in Tampa (FL).

400 – 44.69 – 45.48 by Tavaris Tate of Starkville (MS) HS.

Other elite prep sprinters include Andre Carter, Kenneth Gilstrap, Prezel Hardy, Blake Heriot, Qunicy McDuffie, Ryan Milus and Clayton Parros.

800 – 1:46.45 – 1:48.66 by Robby Andrews of Manalapan (NJ) HS.

1,500 – 3:38.26 – 3:45.46 by Andrew Springer of Westerly (RI) HS.

1,600 – 3:53.43 – 4:01.06 by Andrew Springer of Westerly (RI) HS.

Mile – 3:53.43 – 4:02.70 by Andrew Springer of Westerly (RI) HS.

3,000 – 7:59.83 – 8:14.11 by Trevor Dunbar of Kodiak (AK) HS.

3,200 – 8:36.30 – 8:50.70 by Lucas Verzbickas of Lincoln-Way Central HS in New Lenox (IL).

2 Mile – 8:34.40 – 8:49.79 by Trevor Dunbar of Kodiak (AK) HS.

Other elite prep distance runners include Mac Fleet, Elijah Greer, Patrick McGregor, Zachary Mellon, Chris Stogsdill and Zachary Wills.

2,000 Steeplechase – 5:43.90 – 5:53.13 by Alex Dier of Honeoye Falls (NY) HS.

3,000 Steeplechase – 8:50.01 – 9:09.97 by Joe Whelen of Hamburg (NY) HS.

5,000 – 13:37.91 – 14:18.42 by Lucas Verzbickas of Lincoln-Way Central HS in New Lenox (IL).

10,000 – 28:32.7 – 31:18.13 by Parker Stinson of Cedar Park (TX) HS. 110 Hurdles – 13.30 – 13.31 by Wayne Davis of Southeast HS in Raleigh (NC).

300 Hurdles – 35.28 – 35.02 by Reggie Wyatt of La Sierra HS in Riverside (CA). New USA High School Record.

400 Hurdles – 49.38 – 49.78 by Reggie Wyatt of La Sierra HS in Riverside (CA).

Other elite prep hurdlers include Kelby Dias, Kendall Hayes, Camern LaCour, Dale Morgan, Cody Riggs, Jordan Rispress, Tyler Stephenson and Neamen Wise.

4×100 Relay – 39.76 – 40.54 by Monsignor Pace HS in Miami (FL).

4×200 Relay – 1:23.31 – 1:24.80 by Track East Carolina of New Bern (NC) HS.

4×400 Relay – 3:07.40 – 3:08.05 by Track East Carolina of New Bern (NC) HS. 4×800 Relay – 7:32.89 – 7:30.67 by Albemarle HS of Charlottesville (VA). New USA High School Record.

4×1 Mile Relay – 17:06.06 – 17:17.21 by The Woodlands (TX) HS.

800 Sprint Medley Relay – 1:28.43 – 1:28.20 by Track East Carolina of New Bern (NC) HS. New USA High School Record. 1,600 Sprint Medley Relay – 3:21.10 – 3:19.58 by Track East Carolina of New Bern (NC) HS. New USA High School Record. 4,000 Distance Medley Relay – 9:49.78 – 9:55.17 by The Woodlands (TX) HS.

High Jump – 7-07 – 7-05.75 by James White of Grandview (MO) HS.

Pole Vault – 18-03 – 18-00.25 by Jack Whitt of Norman North HS in Norman (OK).

Long Jump – 26-09.25 – 26-10 by Marquise Goodwin of Rowlett (TX) HS. New USA High School Record.

Triple Jump – 54-10.25 – 52-06.25 by Bryce Lamb of Chandler (AZ) HS.

Other elite prep jumpers include Chase Cooper, Damar Forbes, Ricardo Jaquite, Erik Kynard, Ricky Robertson and Hammed Suleman.

Shot Put – 81-03.50 – 72-08 by Nick Vena of Morristown (NJ) HS.

Discus – 234-03 – 236-06 by Mason Finley of Buena Vista (CO) HS. New USA High School Record.

Javelin – 241-11 – 239-00 by Sam Crouser of Gresham (OR) HS.

Hammer – 260-00 – 256-09 by Conor McCullough of Chaminade HS in West Hills (CA).

Other elite prep throwers include Hayden Baillio, Devin Bogert, Matt Kosecki, Stephen Saenz, Justin Shirk and Cameron Tabor.

Decathlon – 7,359 – 7,466 by Curtis Beach of Academy HS in Albuquerque (NM). New USA High School Record Using International Implements and Hurdles.

(This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Series.)

Cessna Caravan

November 26, 2009

A short promotional Video about the Cessna Caravan. NOW IN HD! From

Duration : 0:2:4

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Cessna 172 Skyhawk – Vitamin Z

July 6, 2009

Join Moulton & Leahy as they take to the sky in a Sessna 172 Sky Hawk.
The songs “Otto Slug” and “Moving to Cronulla” are Vitamin Z songs, recorded by Moulton And Leahy.

Duration : 0:6:7

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