Simple Ideas For Fishing Outings in Alaska

August 3, 2010

Trying to plan for Alaska fishing vacations, especially if it’s your first time, can be a nightmare. From what to pack to where to go are all major decisions that can make or break your trip.
Alaska has the best fishing in the world, pristine wilderness, amazing landscapes and plentiful wildlife, so don’t let poor planning spoil your vacation. Keep reading for four great tips that will make your fishing expedition a success.
Prepare for Bug Battle
To avoid a mosquito nightmare, plan ahead by packing a high-quality mosquito net hat, long-sleeved shirts and pants free from holes. Look for clothing that offers ventilation, but has holes that are small enough to keep out the pesky bugs. You should also bring a strong, cream-based mosquito and bug repellent, and avoid depending on mosquito coils.
Pack Sunscreen
Alaska may be the Great North, but sunburns and sunstroke are a dangerous reality, one made all the more serious by cold nights. Keep safe with full-coverage clothing and a strong sun block. Pack enough to last the duration of your trip, and opt for a high 30+ SPF. Avoid a combination of sunblock and bug repellents.
Reserve Early
During the peak summer tourism seasons, places like Juneau, Anchorage and Flagstaff can book up fast. The area sees over a million tourists every year, many of whom are booking their own Alaska fishing vacations – meaning hotels will fill up, recommended charters will be reserved and you’ll be left wishing you had planned ahead. Don’t be disappointed – book your lodgings and charters well in advance.
Always Pack a Personal Survival Kit
Whether you’re on a fully catered luxury tour or a self-guided adventure expedition, you should always pack a small survival kit that can be carried in a vest or pocket at all times – in case you’re separated from your pack or tour group.
The kit should include purification pills, waterproof matches, chalk to make markings, a whistle, a granola bar, fishing line and hooks and a Ziploc bag for carrying water. You can pack it all in a metal tin or can, which can also be used to boil water.
Alaska fishing vacations are incredible adventures – whether you’re on a luxury tour or a solo expedition. The fish are massive, the rivers run clean and the wild nature is majestic. So, don’t spoil it by being unprepared or forgetting personal safety.
Three of the four recommendations above relate to your safety. This is an area of vacation planning that is easy to gloss over due to the excitement of the planned trip, the other preparations that take so much time, and the presumed unlikelihood of experiencing harmful circumstances. However, don’t fall prey to naivety – make the relatively minor effort to travel fully in tow with both your fishing equipment and safety precautions.
Remember – be prepared for bugs, stay sun safe, reserve ahead and always pack a personal survival kit. Your enjoyment of the great Alaskan outdoors will only be enhanced.

Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, 9th: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler

May 19, 2010

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Take an off-road jeep tour through Sedona’s Red Rocks, dine in an authentic 19th-century saloon in historic Tombstone, and hike alongside 900-year-old rivers of lava at Sunset Crater National Monument. With each day trip only a short distance away from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaf, this book offers many ideas for backyard fun…. More >>

Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, 9th: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler

Ideas To Grab The Best Drinking Water Fountains And Water Filtration Systems Online

April 28, 2010

Modern water coolers are supplementing conventional bottled water filters and coolers. The modern water filtration systems are fixed with drinking water fountains to cater purified water across Australian cities. Offices in almost all leading cities of the country are now using water filters to facilitate workers and employees with pure drinking water. This is indeed a parameter that the companies are following to remain adherent to the international quality standards. The most readily available water is the tap water but it has been observed that the tap water always do not provide pure water. This is not at all due to poor filtration systems but it is the old pipelines that get unhygienic.Finding a top class water cooler dispenser is not at all a problem in Australia and in addition it is nice to note that the online water filter and water cooler sellers offer free delivery. The installation process is also often provided free. It is best to check out with the specific online water cooler provider. The reputed water filters are available online and these water filters effectively remove the unwanted impurities. Maintenance cost of these water coolers and drinking water dispensers are also less. Across the city of Melbourne there are several drinking water fountains.The water filters are of immense use and installation of a water filter is mandatory if there are kinds or patients in the house. Similarly the offices install mains fed water filtration systems to safeguard health of the employees. Again, the employees find it interesting and refreshing to get back to the work schedule after drinking a glass of pure cool water. Finding a Melbourne water cooler is not at all a problem, there are plenty in different parts of the city. Melbourne is considered to the one of the most livable city of the planet. Weather conditions are dry and for this it is advisable to intake plenty of water each day. In junctions of Collins Street and Exhibition Street, Collins Street and Bourke Street etc drinking water fountains can be found. Otherwise all station like Southern Cross, Flinders Street, Melbourne central, Flagstaff etc have drinking water fountains. Selection of the water cooler dispenser should be done keeping the fact in mind that water coolers and water filters should be manufactured with proper materials. At the same time the water coolers must have ample of storage space. The water filters that come with reverse osmosis facility offer the ultimate quality. Sediment prefilter for Mechanical Filtration protects the life of the filtering membranes. Many of the membranes have the capacity of producing oxygen. At the same time they replace dust, grit, mud and algae. The water filters can be purchased by making the payments online. The leading water filter manufacturers offer free service for a particular span of time. It is prudent to buy the water filters and water coolers from the companies that provide good customer support after selling the product. There are many water filter providers but for selecting the ideal one self analysis is indispensible. With sensible use of the online resources one can find the best suitable water filters with ease from any parts of Australia.

Paintball Gift Ideas for the Beginner and Experienced Paintballer

March 20, 2010

Looking for a great gift for the Paintball enthusiast in your family? Well, fall of 2006 marked the largest debut of new products in Paintball’s history. No matter what your budget; there is a hot new product to fit the bill.
Custom Products has always been known for their wide selection of “after-market” items for many different paintball markers. This holiday season they’re released their new Air Systems. They will be available in both 48 and 68ci and in high or low pressure. Prices on the air systems start around $220. They also just released 06 Ego Sling and Rake triggers as well as on/off plugs for the DM6. With prices below $30, these will make great stocking stuffers.
As anticipated, Dye rolled out their entire 2007 arsenal at this year’s World Cup. They didn’t disappoint with a redesigned C7 paintball clothing line, new C7 Slide Shorts, and their flagship marker the DM7. The DM7 is both smaller and lighter than last year’s DM6 and now includes a lever locking clamp feed neck. The new DM7s are retailing for $1399.
Dye’s daughter company, Proto, has also been hard at work. Their answer to Smart Parts low end / high performance Ion is the Proto Matrix Rail. The Rail retails at a mere $400 but includes BIG features such as anti chop eyes, a super light composite trigger frame, rate of fires in excess of 17 balls per second, and a bolt assembly that can easily be removed and cleaned from the back of the marker. It will be available in Black only through the holidays and additional colors will be available in early 2007.
Kingman and Tippmann are both battling for the entry level crowd. Tippmann’s new X7 Marker is designed to be the most customizable marker ever. It has thousands of combinations possible including new barrels, barrel shrouds, stocks, mock magazines, and many other accessories to fit any user’s desires. Kingman dropped their new VS line in the 3rd quarter. The VS2 and VS3 are complete revisions of the Spyder line but affordably priced. The VS2 starts at only $190 and includes high end features including low pressure operation and anti chop eyes.
Planet Eclipse completely redid their amazingly popular 06 Ego in the newly release 07 Ego. The 07 Ego isn’t just a revision; it’s a complete redesign of the Ego platform. The paintball marker is nearly a half pound lighter and has a new solenoid, grip frame, trigger, shaft barrel, totally revamped internals, and much more. This is the “must have” marker for 2007. Prices start at $1250. They will begin shipping to dealers on December 8th.
This year Empire released a full line of new paintball clothing and most notably their new marker the Invert Mini. The Invert is scheduled to begin shipping December 1st and has a laundry list of features including a gas through grip frame (a first for paintball) that allows the air in your bottom line to feed directly through your grip and into the marker. No more external hoses! It is both small and light and at only $400, it offers features comparable to markers double its cost!
Smart Parts has astonished the Paintball world with a complete revamp of their product line in the last 2 years. The introduction of the Ion in 2004 was their first step into the high performance low cost market at only $285. Only 2 years later, they’ve released the Epiphany. The Epiphany is based off the Ion design but includes a metal body, newly redesigned trigger frame, freak barrel, fire bolt, and a new adjustable firing chamber for increased efficiency. At only $400 this will be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season. Epiphanys begin shipping December 10th.
Other notable releases include VForce’s new Grillz system, Draxxus’s new 30+ balls per second Pulse Loader, and DerDer’s Soldiers of Misfortune DVD.

Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, 10th: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler

March 1, 2010

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Have you only a day to spare, or do you simply want a quick change of scenery? For local travelers looking for a new adventure in their own backyards, the Day Trips guides offer hundreds of great ideas, all within a two-hour drive.  Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff is packed with exciting things for locals and vacationers to do, see, and discover not far from these three major Arizona cities.  With complete trip-planning information and over th… More >>

Day Trips from Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, 10th: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler