Cross-Country Flight – Cessna 150 – Airgo Inc. Flight Training – 1080p HD

June 25, 2010

This was my last landing of the day for my 4 hour cross-country requirement. I departed KENL and flew to Hullman Int’l in Terre Haute, IN via Bible Grove VOR and CZB NDB, then Direct Lawrenceville-Vincennes Int’l via Lawrenceville VOR, then back to KENL via Samsville VOR. Totals were 218 nautical miles and 3.8 hours. Still trying to find a better way to mount the camera so there will be less vibration. Not much I can do about the prop blur though. So again, enjoy what you can.

Cross Country Flight – Airgo Inc. Flight Training – 1080p HD

May 20, 2010

I captured parts of Jeff’s day VFR cross country flight from Centralia, IL (KENL) to Perryville, MO (KK02). He owns this very nice 1999 Piper Archer III. Thanks again for letting me tag along!

SKY Helicopters, Inc. – Flight Training

May 16, 2010

SKY Helicopters, Inc conducts primary and advanced helicopter flight training in Robinson R22, R44 and Schweizer 300CB helicopters. At SKY Helicopters we are prepared to help students meet their aviation goals by providing quality flight instruction. We have developed and refined some of the best training programs available. Our curriculum is structured but can also provide flexibility when necessary. With courses designed for both the recreational and career-minded pilots, SKY is the perfect choice for students starting from any point along their training path.