Used Aircraft Parts- Why Buy Used Aircraft Parts Instead Of New Parts

April 4, 2010

Used aircraft parts are available for all models of aircraft from your basic Piper Cub Cadet to your Cessna 172 and you can even find used aircraft parts that are suitable for kitplanes like the Van’s RV-7 or the Lancair IV-P. When we talk about used aircraft parts we have to distinguish whether it is an airframe part, a used avionics or instrument, or used aircraft engine or part. Each area here is available but your application and your aircraft really determine the availability and price of each used aircraft part.There are plenty of reasons that a person would choose used aircraft parts over new and I will lay a few of them out here. But first, why are there used aircraft parts that are in good condition around in the first place. Just like the auto industry, the aircraft industry has planes that for one reason or another are considered totaled by the insurance company and need to be discarded and dismantled. That being the case, often times there are still good parts on the plane that were unaffected by the damage that caused the plane to be classified as a totaled plane. When things like hail storms take place and the entire flight surface of an aircraft becomes potted with dings- the aircraft may be deemed to not be airworthy. That doesn’t mean that the engine, avionics, interior and landing gears are damaged- in fact- they may be perfect for your plane. The nice thing is that they now carry a significant discount because they are used- which brings us to the main reason to purchase used aircraft parts- To Save Money!!When considering the significant expenditure that aircraft ownership and maintenance requires, it is only reasonable to try to reduce the costs any way you can without sacrificing quality. This allows you to put more into the things that you really want to upgrade like an all glass cockpit or a new interior without spending more than you initially had budgeted.Often times people will go with a used engine rather than an overhaul because of your ability to trade in your high time engine for a used low or mid time engine at a significant savings over new. Often times the savings is upwards of $10,000. For those of you who are building a kit plane or a homebuilt airplane- Used aircraft parts could allow you to make considerable upgrades in some areas while not increasing your initial expenditure or you could significantly decrease the overall project cost. Imagine saving $15,000 on your engine, and $7,500 on your instrument panel. That is a lot of gas money!In conclusion, used aircraft parts are a great idea for anyone who doesn’t like throwing money away. Buy used aircraft parts for your plane and you will see the difference in price without a difference in quality.