Roaming Without Wires: Wimax And The New Truly Portable Internet

May 15, 2010

There are plenty of reasons you might be on the road. Perhaps it’s business related, the need to travel a great deal to keep afloat in the current economy. Otherwise, it might be for educational purposes. You might be a professor who commutes between two separate cities, lecturing and needing the internet on the way, as well as in your respective apartments. And for others, it might just be the chance to take a vacation but with the option for telecommuting. After all, more and more people are freelancing these days, and just because you’re planning on some time off doesn’t mean that you won’t jump at the chance to work on a job.But until now, people on the road for whatever reason had to rely on occasional wireless internet hot spots, as well as cell phones that were internet-enabled. And while it is certainly easy in large, metropolitan areas to get online just about anywhere, the odds are a bit slimmer once you get out of the Los Angeleses and New Yorks of the world. Because even though America is a pretty wired nation, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to find the same level of wireless coverage in Flagstaff, Arizona or Jacksonville, Florida.Of course, even when you do find wireless internet, it is not without its own problems. Most coffeeshops end up with a much slower signal, since one router is providing 20 or 30 people with a connection. Other times, a network appears on a computer only to dip out if you shift even inches in how you are sitting. Wireless networks of today are temperamental and not really feasible for people who need a reliable source of internet.All the while that wireless has remained stagnant, other options have become available for internet on the go. Most of them depend on other devices, like mp3 players and cell phones, instead of laptop computers. And while it is definitely appealing to download apps and check email from just about anything, a small touchscreen doesn’t provide the tools necessary to do serious work on the internet. Enter a new technology that just might be a solution to bridge the gap between devices using 4G networks anywhere to get online and the previously popular model of wireless that involved a router and a laptop computer. With WiMax, it’s possible to enjoy all of the high-tech promise of cell phone towers that beam signals from tower to tower creating a stable nationwide network with the ease of one-touch powering on of a computer that automatically connects to a network. This new version of wireless is actually wireless, since the signal moves just like you do. Therefore, there is a lot less worry about things getting dropped, about speeds impossible to accomplish what needs to be done, and about dead spots. Pretty much anywhere you can get reception with a cell phone, you’re going to be able to get online.So for those who are perpetually on the road again, think twice about relying on old technology for your next trip, and consider investing in what might be the future: wireless that is actually wireless, no matter where you might be.

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