Interstate 40 Westbound (Part 2)

October 2, 2010

Driving on I40 Westbound, from Kingman, Arizona to Needles, California.

Phoenix to Flagstaff: A Roadside Nature of Arizona Travel Guide for Interstate 17

June 12, 2010

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Along this route you will see evidence of plant and animal adaptations to the extreme difference in elevation between Phoenix and Flagstaff. You will pass through a variety of ecosystems including the Sonoran Desert—arguably the most spectacularly weird desert on the planet. You will also see grasslands, open woodlands (savannas), and in the northern portion of the route, a majestic high-elevation conifer forest. Each of these ecosystems corresponds to a specific… More >>

Phoenix to Flagstaff: A Roadside Nature of Arizona Travel Guide for Interstate 17

Cessna lands on highway Interstate 95

October 23, 2009

This is a news report of a recent emergency landing (and take-off, after repairs) of a Cessna on the Interstate 95 stretch not far from me. Great video of the aircraft taking off, right at the DOT camera! That’s not often seen, so it’s here for your viewing enjoyment.

As usual, the local news has enough inaccuracies to make this somewhat amusing. Earlier reports stated that an Essna aircraft had to take off from the highway, then it noted that the small aircraft’s engines were running at full power to make the take off. A “mere 600 yards” available for taking off! The Cessna could make three take-offs with that much length, but clearly the reporter is not a pilot. This report shows the “malfunctioned fuel cylinder” briefly, which I always thought was an engine cylinder. The DOT worker adds a bit of local entertainment, certainly, “By golly, I’ll tell you what!”

Duration : 0:2:11

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