Learning crosswind landings at Palo Alto in a Cessna 172SP

December 13, 2010

Cessna 172 STOL @ Duncan and 3 landings in Victoira

December 2, 2010

Takeoffs and Landings

November 7, 2010

Polish off your skills on the two most exhilarating aspects of flying—takeoffs and landings. This video goes in depth to explore the different types of takeoffs and landings and the factors that affect their outcome. In-flight footage puts you in the cockpit for a pilot’s eye view of the different techniques and methods for smooth, safe operation. More than just crosswind techniques, this program thoroughly covers slips, crabs, no-flap landings, emergencies, and recoveries from not-so-great approaches and bounces. The section on maximum performance takeoffs and landings will show you how to safely operate from soft or short fields. State-of-the-art 3D graphics give insight into performance characteristics and help to reinforce key topics. This video will help you maintain your takeoff and landing proficiency—great for students, instructors, and experienced pilots alike.

Practical Risk Management for Takeoffs & Landings – KING SCHOOLS Video

October 6, 2010

50% of all accidents occur during takeoffs and landings. That’s because these critical phases of flight require not only physical skill but also superior decision-making risk management that’s frequently overlooked during typical flight training. For the complete King Schools selection, please visit www.kingschools.com

B737-800 Full flight simulator landings

September 27, 2010

***!!! WATCH IN HD !!!*** 3 landings in Düsseldorf, madeira and tennerive north in a B737-800 Full motion simulator of Lufthansa!

Sport Pilot Training at First Landings Aviation

August 30, 2010

Sport Pilot – www.FirstLandings.com Experience your first landing at First Landings Aviation! Imagine a world with no borders or boundaries, where the only limit is your imagination. Take flight and experience the adventure with First Landings Aviation. Discovery Flights are $99 and include a DVD of your flying experience. Sport Pilot Program: 2 Weeks Passenger to Pilot $2995!!

flight training & landings – ikarus c42

May 17, 2010

slips, turns, circles, stalls, an 8 & phun. *** for the landings jump to 4:11 *** slips, wenden, kreise, strömungsabrisse, ´ne 8 & spazzz.

Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings

August 30, 2009

This video produced by the FAA discusses some of the common errors and problems ociated with crosswind takeoffs and landings. Although the film is older, it is a classic and really does help give a good overview of crosswind landing techniques including the slip and crab.

Duration : 0:4:33

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