Learning crosswind landings at Palo Alto in a Cessna 172SP

December 13, 2010

learning how to land

August 6, 2010

early in flight training learning how to land

Foreign pilots learning to fly in Australia – Is it a safety risk?

July 21, 2010

Has the influx of foreign student pilots into Australia caused a degradation in safety due to poor communication and English language skills? Australia’s ‘Today Tonight’ reports. Unfortunately, this short segment doesn’t address the countless industry concerns and does not include the direct opinions of pilots or ATC. Read more at www.flight.org .

Learning to Fly (and land) in Palo Alto

June 15, 2010

Student Pilot displaying some solid landing skills in a Cessna 172S at KPAO. Flight Instruction provided by www.flybayarea.com

Passion Takes Flight – The Biography of John & Martha King

March 31, 2009

John and Martha King are known worldwide, today, for their contributions to aviation and pilot preparedness. 30 years ago, however, they started their business of training pilots with nothing more than a passion for flight–and a spare bedroom. Among pilots, King Schools is now a household name, with more than half the pilots in the US having taken their courses. In addition to their many awards and honors, John and Martha are the first couple to each hold every category and class of FAA …

Duration : 0:1:8

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Harv’s Air Flight Training presents Cessna 172 flying

January 14, 2009

Watch as students and instructors practice exercises such as stalls, spins, touch and goes, and formation flying. Presented by Harv’s Air www.harvsair.com

Duration : 0:6:21

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