Arizona MLS Real Estate Listings

March 3, 2010

Kingman Arizona real estate listings: Ideal for hard-working families or couples who just want to enjoy the outdoors. The early history of Kingman saw a flood of gold miners in the 1860s, but today’s economy thrives on tourism, manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Industries like True Serve Hardware, Goodyear Tire and American Woodmark Corp have settled here. The favorable taxes, close proximity to other state markets and Santa Fe Railway all facilitate business. For those who’ve retired, there is much to see and do in Kingman, without feeling bombarded by city culture. According to the official Tourist site, “The roots of Arizona real estate listings are captured by the Historic Route 66 Museum, Army Airfield Museum, and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts that recount the travels on Route 66, depict the World War II era and the early days of railroading, mining and ranching.  At an elevation of around 3,300 feet Kingman offers a temperate climate year-round.” Additionally, half the land is owned by the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, which preserves the natural surroundings – the Colorado River, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave (man-made), Lake Havasu (man-made) and the Hualapai Mountain Range. Water enthusiasts will enjoy the 1,000 miles of shoreline in the middle of the desert and those looking to “get their kicks on Route 66” will find the longest stretch of open historic road here. The Northwest Arizona MLS are conveniently close to the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and a Multiple Resource Historic District.

Arizona MLS: Like the mythological bird, Phoenix the city rises from the desert ashes to be one of the largest, most thriving cities in America. Home buyers are drawn to the Arizona real estate listings in search of sunshine, world class resorts, award-winning golf courses and Southwestern charm. In fact, 11,000 new residents arrive to Arizona each month. Houses are dabbled with hints of Spanish-influenced architecture – rounded archways, red roof tiles, ranch layouts, stucco exteriors and vivid color schemes. While it may be surprising to imagine agriculture thriving in the desert, the more fertile areas can harvest cotton, dates, olives, citrus and subtropical fruits. Seen as a less expensive and equally scenic alternative to California, a number of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 high-tech companies set up their manufacturing, research and development bases here that includes computers, electronics and aerospace engineering. Home buyers looking the Arizona MLS for a cultural hub won’t be disappointed, given the number of museums, theaters, golf courses, horse races and professional sports teams. Given the number of foreclosures and 15 straight months of falling prices, there are a number of outstanding deals to be had in Phoenix, Arizona real estate.