Flagstaff Police lying to citizens and breaking the law

February 23, 2010

Flagstaff Police department lying to a citizen caught on tape. My first video in a long series of keeping watch over the police state we live in. They claim that the building they are in front of got broken in to, which is a complete fabrication as the video shows. Lying to an officer is a jail-able offense…what happens when the cops lie to us? Nothing….and it’s sad because we pay their salaries. Sorry about the sideways video. I will work diligently in the future to make these better for all to see. No copyrights. This video and all I share will be free for the taking. How does it feel to have the same citizens you hunt down like dogs, the same ones that are paying your salaries, do the hunting back? Don’t be afraid of them…they should be afraid of US and they should be accountable to US. Keep watching and please subscribe!