What Makes Arizona Such a Great Place to Visit?

August 28, 2010

What is it about the state of Arizona that attracts so many visitors each and every year?

Is it because of the diverse climate? Is it because Arizona is known so well known for the highly rated golf courses that allows golfers to play virtually every day? Certainly there are those who rate the high quality health care as one of the major reasons why they travel to the state?

Or is the reason that so many people flock to the desert southwest is just because of the simple fact that constant sunshine can be felt on more than 300 days a year?

There are many reasons why many visitors travel to Arizona. Some of these visitors like the state so much that they end up making it their permanent residence. There just happens to be a long list of many cities and remote towns that offer visitors everything they are looking for.

With such a diverse climate along with the size of the state, it’s probably no wonder why Arizona ranks high when it comes to the top states people visit. Arizona ranks sixth among the states in size and is spread out over 114,006 square miles, (295,274 square kilometers), which includes 364 square miles, (943 square kilometers) of water. The size certainly offers not only the visitors, but the residents more than enough room to explore this wondrous southwestern United States attraction.

Arizona is home to the world famous Grand Canyon and so many other famous tourist sites such as Sedona, Tucson, Phoenix and the White Mountains and the famous road known as Route 66, that never stop attracting people from experiencing the amenities that the Grand Canyon state offers.

Whether you are looking for the city life of Phoenix or Scottsdale or looking to take in a little rest and relaxation of the mountainous high country, Arizona has so many places to choose from that the only problem you might have is choosing one single location over the other locations that attract so people from many cities and countries.

Many visitors will be traveling to the desert southwest when Arizona hosts Super Bowl 42 on February 3, 2008. There have been many already who have purchased their Super Bowl tickets and have made all of their other necessary reservations to experience this NFL experience of a lifetime.

Arizona tourism allows everyone to explore the diverse landscapes that can be found throughout the state. Believe it or not, if you travel to the state of Arizona in the winter months, you will also be able to explore such winter activities like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, too.

If you are wondering where to stay when you visit you can always request an Arizona Travel Guide that will assist you with your travel plans.

Arizonan truly has it all. If you like warmer weather, you can be rest assured that you will find that, as temperatures in the summer typically range well over 100 degrees. In the summer months, there usually aren’t too many days when it is humid, except for the monsoon season, which runs from the first part of July until the first part of September. Even then, if you have lived or live in an area outside of Arizona where it is known for humidity, you will likely think that the monsoon season is not that humid compared to what you are accustomed to.

Whatever your interests or skill levels are, there’s an endless list of activities that involve AZ tourism!

The AZ office of tourism knows and understands that Arizona depends and thrives on its yearly visitors.

Whether it’s a reenactment like a good old fashioned wild west gun fight, a horse back riding tour, or one of the many dinner theaters that are offered, the desert southwest is waiting to accommodate you and your family.

If you are looking for convenience, there are many places that you can stay that will offer you the perfect luxury of picking you up right at the steps of your hotel or motel. One of the attractive things visitors really appreciate is the complimentary escort service that many of the cities offer to their guests. You’ll find this service in such cities such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff and Tucson, to name just a few.

Native American ruins and fossils that are over 225 million years old can be found in the state which offers many just what they want to experience.

The office of tourism offers you, the visitor, so many experiences. Just a sample of what you will find there are nature, Native American culture, heritage, golf and the obvious, breathtaking scenery. And if you are looking to just educate yourself on the state, there are many museums, such as the Heard Museum, and art galleries that can be discovered with an emphasis on Native Americans.

TR2N – E-flite Blade SR – Outdoor flight training – A rookie makes some progress #1

August 18, 2010

So, nun klappen nach sechswöchiger Zwangspause (Main Gear #EFLH1509 war nicht lieferbar) auf einmal die Kreise. Hmm, manchmal sollte man mal eine Pause einlegen und tief durchatmen… 😉

What Makes These The Top Ten Ski Resorts For Downhill Skiing

April 15, 2010

You can find what you want in a ski resort in one of these top ten places. Voted the best ten by readers of SKI magazine.
1. Vail, Colorado: This is a complex of three ski areas. Combined yet described as three distinct skiing areas. The Back Bowls is 3,017 acres. The frontside has 1,627 acres. The smallest, Blue Sky Basin is 645 acres. An exciting place to ski with a downhill run to thrill the most sophisticated tourist. The new Arrabelle Hotel Complex is opening this year. The popular Blue Moon restaurant is being renovated. This is an adult playground with skiing as a large part of it. If snow doesn’t fall there — they have a machine to make their own as many resorts now do. According to tourists the worst thing that can happen is your cell phone service doesn’t work at times. A dream vacation for you. The slopes in the daytime and clubs at night.
2. Deer Valley, Utah: Ski on a total of six mountains. Bald Eagle Mountain, Baldy, Little Baldy Peak, Flagstaff Mountain, Bald Mountain and Empire. There are slopes for every skill level. The ski lifts have heaters in them. Take your appetite to Snow Park Lodge for a fabulous sea food buffet. It is so large you are advised to skip lunch. This resort area is family-friendly and there are some great package deals, some with discounted lift tickets. Flagstaff Mountain is especially beginner-friendly. It offers children’s runs. There are play areas with names like Quincy’s Cabin, Bucky’s Backyard and other winsome names. The kids will love it.
3. Snow Mass, Colorado: This beautiful resort offers ski and snowboarding lessons for all ages. There are lessons for physically challenged to learn adaptive methods of skiing. The eight-passenger gondola takes skiiers to the slopes in record time. Many tourists are renting luxury homes instead of staying at a hotel in this luxurious area.
4. Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia: This resort features 8,171 acres. A thousand acres of high-alpine slopes are now available to intermediate skill skiiers. There is a charming European style town of 10,000. During the peak season for skiing the population will temporarily reach 30,000. Blackcomb Mountain is unique. You can ski there in June and July. It is the only place in North America that has glacier skiing available to the public.
5. Park City, Utah: The Wasach mountains 32 miles from Salt Lake City with three ski resorts withing minutes of the Park City. All beautiful locations with enough hotel rooms for 12,000 visitors. Be sure to go to the Bad Ass Coffee Company for some quiet time as well as great coffee.
6. Breckenridge, Colorado: This beautiful location features skiing lessons including private instruction. Recent Innovations include a new gondola to take you from parking lot to lifts. They feature a party honoring the Norse god of snow each year.
7. Aspen, Colorado: You might call this a resort for experienced skiiers only. There are no slopes designated for novices. There’s free bus service between the four mountains in Aspen. You may see a performance by Lyle Lovett at the Wheeler Opera House or classical violinist at Harris Concert Hall. Stop for coffee and breakfast at the Main Street Bakery where the locals eat. It must be great food.
8. Beaver Creek, Colorado: This resort is in a stunningly beautiful area. The slopes wind gently between walls of pine trees on either side. There are 180 new acres open to skiiers on the eastern edge of the mountain. The Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt Hotel is a high-end pampering salon. This is a luxury resort but there are package deals at the Pines Lodge. Go over to Red Tail Camp for a burger. An experience for all tourists.
9. Steamboat, Colorado: Exciting resort for college students on break. Snowboarding is very popular here. Be sure to visit the Thunderhead and Rendezvous for dining in a luxurious setting on the mountain. If you book a stay between February 7 and February 11 you can attend the “Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival.” It is the oldest winter carnival West of Kansas.
10. Sun Valley, Idaho: Kids fifteen and younger can stay in Sun Valley Company hotels for free when with a parent. One event is a cross-country ski trip at night ending at the Galena Lodge for a five-course dinner.
The resorts are rated by readers of Ski Net. Presumably, the voters have skiing experience and have visited these resorts. Downhill skiing is a thrilling experience. Choose a slope appropriate for your skill level. Shop for designer ski jackets. Then after a day of skiing — you can explore the night life scene. There may be a show or concert. Any of these top rated resort towns will provide a special vacation with many fun activities including special skiing events for everyone to participate in…