FIRE: Ice Management Raid

January 8, 2011

FIRE Raids ICE Management Meeting, Delivers Notice of Deportation of ICE from Flagstaff Flagstaff. AZ — At approximately 10AM on Thursday December 4th, Flagstaff Immigrant Rights Enforcement (FIRE) confronted Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a daring raid, serving a notice of deportation to ICE representatives at an ICE Management meeting. FIRE agents pinpointed the location of the ICE management meeting at the Flagstaff Radisson Hotel in the Kaibab Meeting Room and staged the raid. FIRE agent Del Fuego read the notice of deportation to more than 15 ICE associated criminals, some of whom appeared to possibly be illegal immigrants themselves, as they were not Indigenous People. Agent Del Fuego called for the immediate withdrawal of ICE from the Flagstaff community and notified ICE of the cease and desist order for all future raids. FIRE will continue supporting and enforcing immigrant rights where they are violated with the exception of established immigrant “settlers” or “colonizers” who have been benefitting from the exploitation of Indigenous People’s lands. In addition, locations believed to be harboring ICE criminals, associates, and illegal settlers on indigenous lands can expect future FIRE raids. FIRE has credible intelligence that ICE absconders use condominiums, country clubs, law enforcement facilities, steakhouses, stretch limousines, luxury hotels, beach resorts, ski resorts, martini bars, intelligence facilities, etc., as bases of operation

Practical Risk Management for Takeoffs & Landings – KING SCHOOLS Video

October 6, 2010

50% of all accidents occur during takeoffs and landings. That’s because these critical phases of flight require not only physical skill but also superior decision-making risk management that’s frequently overlooked during typical flight training. For the complete King Schools selection, please visit

BSc in Aviation Management with Pilot Studies at DCU

July 25, 2010

Passionate about aviation? The new BSc in Aviation Management / BSc in Aviation Management with Pilot Studies degree offered by Dublin City University (DCU) is Ireland’s first and premier aviation mangement degree. Learn about business and technical aspects of aviation, benefit from the opportunity to qualify as an airline pilot, gain a valuable aviation industry placement, and enjoy tremendous career flexibility. Commencing in September 2010. Find out more at

UWO – Commercial Aviation Management Flight Training

June 4, 2010

Highlights of Stages 6-10 (2007-2009) of CAM ICPL program.