Santa Fe Meets BNSF in Flagstaff, Arizona

November 2, 2010

BNSF Local Freight and BNSF Intermodal Freight in Flagstaff, Arizona in June 2007 Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

BNSF Flagstaff Meets – Part Three

October 28, 2010

One of the first-order ES44AC units leads an eastbound trailer train through Flagstaff. Some foreign tourists smashed a few coins and decide to throw a party on the tracks as a westbound approaches. This was also the last time I used this video camera, since it was old and pretty busted (check out how the zoom sticks). Taken on 8/7/05.

BNSF Flagstaff Meets – Part Four

July 11, 2010

First up is a heavy eastbound stack with BNSF 4815 leading, BNSF 5006 trailing, and BNSF 5483 and BNSF 4885 as DPUs. The second train is the notorious “Triple Penetrator” with leading unit BNSF 741, trailing units BNSF 5261, BNSF 4432, and BNSF 1107, mid-train DPUs BNSF 1013, BNSF 4392, and CSXT 7848, and rear helpers BNSF 4472 and EMDX 9053.

BNSF Flagstaff Meets – Part Two

April 17, 2010

An eastbound intermodal comes down the hill and into Flagstaff while a westbound approaches. As you can see, it’s pretty hard to get across town when these fleets of trains come through. Taken on 8/7/05.

BNSF Flagstaff Meets – Part One

April 9, 2010

First up is a westbound train passing the Amtrak station in Flagstaff. An eastbound goes by and manages to scare the crap out of me while the other train is still passing. Taken on 8/7/05.

Rotor Aviation – A Helicopter Flight School In San Diego That Meets Goals

March 24, 2010

A new year and a brand new decade are just around the corner. New Year’s resolutions are starting to creep into conversations as people begin to take stock of the past year and decide what they would like to change in their lives, what life goals they would like to achieve. Becoming more fit is a popular resolution, quitting smoking is another common life improvement goal, but what if your goals are less about improvement and more about achievement. Learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, go bungee jumping, write a book, volunteer, or learn to fly a helicopter: these resolutions generally start with the phrase “I’ve always wanted to…” Perhaps 2010 will be the year that ends with “I’m so glad I did it!”.Rotor Aviation is one business that can help turn a resolution into an accomplishment. For over ten years, this helicopter flight school in San Diego has been in operation, bringing helicopter flight training to a wider audience and turning ordinary people into helicopter pilots. Structured according to the Federal Aviation Regulations, each course meets the experience requirements of the pilot rating sought. Students at Rotor Aviation can earn a Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate, an Instrumental Pilot Rating, a Commercial Pilot Certificate, a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, or a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate. Rotor Aviation’s founder based the business’ principals on all the good elements of a flight training school. Having worked in the industry as an instructor, he identified some of the key positive elements of a good helicopter flight school, and some of the practices and attributes of a poor flight school. Focusing on the good, he first offered flexible classes with well-maintained equipment in a positive, supportive learning environment. From a humble beginning of one aircraft and one instructor, the helicopter flight school in San Diego has grown to quadruple its helicopters and its instructors. Anyone seeking to realize a life goal of learning to fly will be in good hands at Rotor Aviation. The knowledgeable, real-world instructors are enthusiastic about their profession and happy to pass on their skills in the classroom and the cockpit.  Helpful, experienced and supportive, instructors at Rotor Aviation set the bar high for helicopter flight schools around the country.Want to reach that New Year’s goal quicker? Rotor Aviation is proud of their high teaching standards and efficiency. Their students are able to achieve their certification in less time than most other flight schools, making them a productive cost efficient school. They accept only as many students as they can handle, and then work to make sure that each individual has the necessary support and time of the instructor to be able to reach his or her personal aviation goals. Why wait another decade? Take the first step towards achieving a life goal. For more information or to find out how to register for helicopter flight school in San Diego, visit RotorAviation.

Mesa, Arizona – Where Country Life Meets City

February 20, 2010

There are few communities that can combine spectacular beauty with an urban lifestyle in the same way Mesa, Arizona does. Residents of Mesa the natural beauty that is unique to Arizona. There are beautiful sunsets reflecting off of Scarface Mountain, hikes through the red rock foothills, days spent relaxing and playing golf on PGA level golf courses, or evenings enjoying the night lights from the city of Phoenix below them.

Mesa is located in Maricopa County – the same county as Phoenix. But Mesa is situated at an entirely different altitude and attitude than Phoenix. Mesa rises up above Phoenix on a plateau. Everyday residents can step out their door in drink in the view of Boulder Mountain, the Suspicion Mountains, Saguaro Mountain, the Usery Pass, or the natural desert scenery. Mesa offers homes for people looking for safe, family neighborhoods or multi-million dollar homes with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Many of the developments of Mesa offer residents community swimming pools, golf courses, country clubs and hiking trails. Home buyers looking for developments with a lot of variety will love the recreational opportunity in Mesa. These communities feature a number of amenities, all with extreme views.

Mesa is situated in close proximity to Phoenix. Mesa is one of those communities that is about 30 minutes from the important things – downtown Phoenix, the airport, and a number of Universities. Residents of Mesa can enjoy a home away from the busy life of the Metropolitan area, but with a quick commute to the city and a brief drive to the Sky Harbor airport.

Although Mesa is a quite oasis from busy city life, it’s by no means rural. Mesa features beautiful shopping areas, like the Superstition Shopping center, fine dining restaurants, and state-of-the-art medical care. While Mesa is one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona, the infrastructure is keeping pace with the growth. Mesa has some of the best schools in Maricopa County and an excellent dinosaur museum.

Mesa is a wonderful city – there are a number of real estate opportunities in Mesa. There are new housing developments as well as homes for resale. Mesa is one of the few communities with open area available to build out. As a result, there are number of new home developments including condominiums, townhouses, single family homes and luxury estates. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find the perfect home in Mesa – a quite community where you can enjoy the natural beauty of desert mesa life.