MMBN3 & 6 answers

November 2, 2010

Answers to the questions posted in my questions video. I will list all the questions and answers here. questions= 1. icewinddragon= what is your favorite mmbn game. 2.theguy595=where is sneakrun program 3.toronto2deriver=what emulator do i use 4.ninetails20=in mmbn3 where do you get life aura and dark aura 5.various people= how did i use the codes in my 100th video 6.s1uno= on mmbn3 where is meteors chip and where is kingman/mistman v5 at. 7.theSdemon= in mmbn3 are the style change elements random. 8.inflamesace= in mmbn3 how do you hack the last security system. 9.emperorGreymon321= in mmbn6 how do you fight gregar/ falzer RV 10.randomgames2345= how do you upgrade the navicust. 11.thethirdtaxidermist=what is the effect of shadowstyle and how do i face bass in secret area and where is japanmanv2 12.icewinddragon=which cybeast do I prefer 13.darkninja225=what is the special styles for mmbn3 white version 14.various people=where is antidamage answers= 1. mmbn2 2. enter 24586483 in the numberman lotto machine for sneakrun 3.visualboyadvance 4.defeat scuttle in secret 3/chip and bug trader for dark aura=blue exclusive get by beating the navi time trials in secret area 5.ill just show it 6.bugfrag trader in undernet 2/DNN Studio Net Battle Machine for mistman and kingman is dnn studio 2nd floor tv board computer 7.yes 8.Ill be showing that in a future video but I believe it involves using fire pa and grass stage 9. there is no RV form of gregar/falzer only normal/SP 10. get

MMBN3 White Kingman Omega

June 8, 2010

Damn Plan B How many different plan B’s are there? The song is appropriately named for this battle from Devil May Cry 3 “Damned Chess Battle”