Tomy Kingman and Innovator Electronics Monster Chase Reviews

June 3, 2010

Season 3 – Part 9 – This is the first installment of a Double Bill Sunday Special and Part 9 looks over to great tabletops Kingman from Tomy and Monster Chase from Innovator Electronics which are both types of clones based on 2 very famous arcade classics Pacman and Donkey Kong. Enjoy Your Sunday.

Monster Northern Pike – Upper Lake Mary – Flagstaff, Arizona

April 1, 2010

Northern Pike – 13lbs, 39inches – Upper Lake Mary, Flagstaff, Arizona – caught on 6lb line and a nightcrawler on July 11, 2008. We were just fishing for walleye, perch, and maybe a catfish, we didn’t expect anything like this and were totally unprepared. The final moments of a 20 minute fight.