Spyder Pilot with EYE Overview

November 30, 2010

The Spyder Pilot with EYE paintball marker overview. Learn the basics including powering on/off, changing modes, adjusting velocity, and removing internals.

An Overview of Tucson, Arizona

April 1, 2010

The State of Arizona is widely known for its dry western weather, beautiful scenery and cactus plantations spread over wide expanses of rock and desert. This makes for the traditional wild west territory. This picture is painted best in Tucson, a bustling city of 1 million that is set against awe-inspiring mountains. Tucson is ArizonaĆ­s second largest city after Phoenix and has a rich Mexican-Native American heritage and history stemming from its occupation by native Indians. Many people have traveled through this city since its inception in the 18th century. From French merchants to Anglo-American frontiersmen to Indian tribesmen, Tucson can boast a rich and diverse heritage.

What makes Tucson tick is the mild weather all year round which makes the city both an awesome place for business and living and also for lots of recreational activities. Downtown Tucson is rich in history and used to be the cultural heartbeat of Old Pueblo which boasts over 10 districts rich in art theater, opera, ballet and symphony. Downtown Tucson also has memorable landmarks which include the old Pima County Courthouse, the St. Augustine Cathedral and two train depots which date back to the days of the old west. If you want to shop in Tucson then you will find that there is an abundance of shopping districts which come with great restaurants, vintage theaters, motels and inns not to mention five star hotels. Tucson also has an exciting nightlife which is corroborated by its multi-ethnic citizenry who have a taste for the finest in life.

Tucson is a truly beautiful city with breathtaking and eccentric architecture that can be attributed to the best of architects and designers in the industry. The downtown area sprouts from the rugged terrain against a backdrop of cactus plants and the desert. Tucson is special because its location lies directly on the spot of the most continuously inhabited area in the United States. This is due to the fact that Tucson is the actual spot of the earliest documented inhabitants belonging to the Hohokam tribe which has since become extinct. The Spanish adventurers, including missionaries, also graced this area as did Mexican and U.S. armies, outlaw legends such as John Dillinger and other romantic characters.

The Tucson airport accommodates 14 different airlines flying to over 32 destinations and connections to 125 cities in the US and overseas. Over 90 flights depart from Tucson on a daily basis. Rail service is not new to Tucson. Since the 18th century, rail travel has been an important part of travel for locals and visitors as alike. Tucson actually boasts some of the oldest train depots in the US. Amtrak now has regular train service to and from Tucson as is the Greyhound bus. Tucson is also strategically located on I-10, the main artery that connects California to Florida.