RAP4: KT ERASER – CHASER Paintball Pistol Demo

January 9, 2011

KT eraser and chaser paintball pistol demo and test firing video.

Paintball vs FACE – 600 FPS (high speed cam.)

December 28, 2010

Hey! Hit F5 to skip the AD!!!! Paintball gun takes a crack at the notorious head. (someone please suggest a name for it!) Filmed at 600 frames per second. Range approximately 50 feet. All paintballs were marked with dots or other markings. – – -All music in this video is created by Nathan Wills and used with permission. (thanks!) www.nathanwillsmusic.com

PAINTBALL How Easy Regular SPYDER Matinence Is.

December 25, 2010

FIRST OF ALL DO NOT USE THIS AS A CLEANING/ DISASSEMBLY GUIDE. This is meant to show how easy it is. So it seems people always say Spyder’s suck blah blah blah and that they’re hard to maintain, etc…Well I respect their opinions and I have nothing against them. But this just shows the regular matinence of a 2K8 Spyder is. Regular meaning cleaning, and lubing the main parts. So it doesn’t include the ASA and reg. And I am not saying this is as easy as say a BOB system, or a PM/DM, or a BL. But it isn’t as hard as some people think.

Paintball Slow Motion Test Video

November 18, 2010

Ok, I have never shot a paintball gun in my life. This is just a test video shooting some cans. Admittedly, video quality is crap due to lighting conditions, but shots are interesting. The yellow paintballs are “XBALL” brand. Seem to be pretty low quality since few of them are perfectly round, even close to it. =Music by Kevin MacLeod “Neo Western” is the title. yt3d:enable=true

Flagswipe Paintball New Chrome Invert Mini Limited Edition

November 7, 2010

The Invert Mini has already proved its worthiness with it’s sleek, trim design and smooth operation. Truly a tournament grade paintball marker at a fraction of the cost. Now they’ve introduced a limited edition Chromium Blackout finish, complete with a certificate of authenticity! Our demo model is number 364 / 1000! That’s it! Only 1000 made across the globe! This marker looks incredible, but enough babble, see for yourself. Available at Flagswipe Paintball in London, and online at buypaintball.ca.

Spyder Opus 50 Cal Paintball Marker – Paintball Gateway

September 11, 2010

The new entry level .50 Caliber paintball marker from Kingman. Opus™ Semi-Auto Competition Marker – Air Efficient EKO™ Valve System (Patent Pending) – Clamping Collar Feedneck – Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter – Foregrip Expansion Chamber – Quick Release Bolt – Tool-Free Striker Plug Design – 10 Micro Ported Barrel – All Aluminum Body Construction – Ergonomically Designed High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame – No-Slip Rubber Grip Panel – Two Finger Trigger – External Velocity Adjuster – Steel Braided Hose Line – Inline Bottom-line ASA – Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air Included with this marker: – 50 Caliber 350 Round Gravity Feed Paintball Loader

Spyder 08 Electra with Eye Paintball Gun

August 19, 2010

www.ansgear.com The new Spyder 08 Electra with Eye Paintball Gun is great for any beginner to advanced Paintball player. Check out more of the details at www.ansgear.com

kingman chaser paintball pistol

July 6, 2010

easy to reload magazine – compact size – not that heavy – 12g c02 up to 80 shots – nice case to carry around – love it.

Kingman Training Eraser Unboxing and Review- Paintball Pistol

June 17, 2010

In this video I review and unbox my Eraser paintball pistol. It’s by far the best and easiest to clean paintabll pistol I’ve ever used.

** Xteme Paintball ** ||| Kingman Training Exhibition Games

June 13, 2010

paintball-xtreme.blogspot.com Kingman Training exhibition match featuring B-Real & Rojo from Stoned Assassins vs Alex Fraige & Ryan Greenspan from Dynasty! Also includes SWAT vs Street Villain scenario, Army vs The French and a recreational paintball player one-on-one matchup. KT Pistol markers use 11mm paintballs (.43 Cal.) powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge with a magazine that can hold 9 paintballs and shoots up to 250 feet per second. Each 12 gram CO2 cartridge can shoot up to 80 paintballs. xtreme paintball kingman training b-real stoned assassins alex fraige ryan greenspan dynasty hb huntington beach uspl event kt eraser chaser marker pistol spyder

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