Parrot Training Stands – Perches for Teaching Parrot Tricks

October 10, 2010 Originally I developed these perches for my own personal training use as I could not find a suitable stand for flight training Kili. Now, I would like to offer these stands for sale to anyone that would like to benefit from the same convenient, adjustable height stands for their own parrots. If you have seen any of my videos, I am sure you will have seen the endless uses I have had for these stands. Please visit my new website if you’d like to pick up a set of these stands More info about these stands in my blog article

Parrot Trick Training – Recall Flying Sessions 2-3

October 1, 2010

BACKGROUND The birds in this video have only been flying for a few months now. Zorro (green and black Nanday Conure) and Bobo (Congo African Grey) had been clipped previously, so they both learned to fly as young adults. Grasshopper (green and orange Jenday Conure) is the baby, and was never clipped. LOGISTICS Rewards were given every time for the birds’ good performances because they were in a real training session. Since the trainer was juggling birds, multiple instructions, and camera angles, the treats were usually administered on a counter off to the side.

Kili Senegal Parrot – Refledging and Teaching to Fly, First Recall Flight

September 29, 2010

Kili my Senegal Parrot was originally clipped and I don’t think she was given the chance to fledge properly at the breeder. So as she is getting the last few flight feathers back, I have taken it upon myself to teach her how to fly. I don’t think she realizes yet that she’s a bird and those feathery arms she has can let her fly. So I am starting out by setting up two perch stands and targeting her from one to the other. First I put the perches so close together that she could walk from one to the other as I would target her back and forth. She picked up almost immediately that I wanted her to go from perch to perch. Then I slowly started increasing the distance. Soon the gap was big enough that at least some flapping would be required to get across but she was reluctant to go. I had to reduce the distance and keep practicing/coaxing her till she finally took the leap of fate. Then I slowly started to increase the distance between the stands up till about 18 inches apart. Finally as she began getting good at this, I also tried to recall her to my hand by targeting. It took a very long time to coax her to jump to my hand but finally she did which I captured in this video. She had NEVER jumped/flown to me before. She would only step up or reach over with her beak and pull my hand in closer. But today she finally took her first flight to me. This video is all within one training session and illustrates how to teach a reluctant flier to make the first steps toward becoming a

Kili Senegal Parrot – First Flight Ever For My Parrot

September 18, 2010

My Senegal Parrot Kili has been clipped since she was a baby and she still has not fully grown her flight feathers back. Since I’ve had such great success taking my bird out for a drive in the car, I decided that I will take her flying for the first time with me in an airplane. From the moment she got in the plane you couldn’t believe it was her first time. I was busy flying the plane, my girlfriend panicking, and the bird just sat preening like it was nothing. She’s a bird, flying doesn’t scare her 🙂 In fact, my parrot was so confident about the flying that she wanted to show me how it was done and flight train me a little. She couldn’t wait to get her feet on the controls. Who could possibly be a better flight instructor than a bird? At the end of the video you can see that I was busy landing the plane and my girlfriend was videoing. Not that I was nervous, but I was certainly preoccupied. Right through the landing, the bird just sat on my shoulder preening herself happily. All ends well and with a nice landing too. Here’s a video of my bird driving the car: Here’s the article I wrote about taking my parrot flying: I made a new extended version of this video with some extra footage from some more recent flights: Check out my other bird training videos on my parrot’s channel: Enjoy and happy flying.

Truman Parrot Show – How to Teach Basics of Flight and Recall

September 3, 2010

Here is how I taught Truman to make short flights and eventually his first recall. Check out the article because I wrote about all the details and steps for making this happen. The video covers footage from several days of informal training up to the first recall. The training stands you see me using to teach Truman flight will soon be available for sale at 2x for $99 + shipping. I will take some more pictures of them and launch a website for anyone interested in buying a pair. Truman is a Brown Necked Cape Parrot, a Poicephalus Robustus Fuscicollis. In this video I show you how I teach him to walk, jump, and then fly across a small gap between two perches and then eventually to fly to my hand. Feel free to join the discussion about parrot flight training by joining my parrot forum: And please subscribe to and follow my training blog I will have plenty more articles explaining every trick and behavior I train Truman so stay tuned cause you don’t want to miss this. Thanks.

Kili Senegal Parrot – Variable Ratio Reinforcement Flight Recalls

June 9, 2010

Lately I’ve been experimenting with intermittent reinforcement schedules for recall flight training my Senegal Parrot. By using a variable ratio of reinforcement and slowly thinning it out, I can achieve more recalls from my parrot for less treats. This means more training and more exercise before the bird gets filled up on treats. In this video I have Kili do 10 short recalls to me for a single treat that was randomly given for one of those 10 flights. She has to try all 10 times because she doesn’t know when the treat is going to come. I have collected 10 days worth of data and performed some analysis on the effectiveness of variable ratio reinforcement specifically for flight training in this article: Enjoy.

Lovebird Breeder Flight Training

November 1, 2009

This shows you how we trained our wild lovebird breeders how to fly to us when we give them treat stimulation. They are, of course, a lot tamer now that we have been working with them for nearly 2 years! It’s also another part of the taming process.

These are BeBe & Evee’s parents, Dewey & Sierra.

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