Metal pedal shootout # 2: ProValve, Triple Wreck, Tube Zone and PisdiYAUwot

January 3, 2011

ProValve, Triple Wreck, Tube Zone and PisdiYAUwot battle it out. The ESP Stef-T7 is the catalyst once again, although this time it’s tuned E through to low B. Let the games begin!

Catalinbread SFT drive pedal.

December 1, 2010 Wow. It’s built for bass but it sure delivers for six string. Modelled after the great Ampeg bass amps of the late 60’s that were seen, heard and played great parts in classic albums like the Stones ‘Get Yer Ya Yas Out’, the SFT pays homage to that sound and the same one-eyed dynamics of those high powered amps of yore. I try to deliver the message here but you really must try one for yourself to experience the exquisite damage they can reap. Well done Nicholas. Really well done. Three thumbs up. Burgs.