Flying in Papua – Cessna Caravan Landing and Village People

May 26, 2010

This video shows a landing into Ilu. A mountain strip which was used as an alternate when we could not get into Mulia due to weather, which was the case this day. Notice all of the people on both sides of the runway. The clip continues as we taxi back to them and get out of the aircraft, waiting for the weather to improve at Mulia. You can also notice a MAF Caravan that had just landed before us. As with many other strips in Papua it has an upslope of 10 degrees or more leading to only one way to get in. West Papua has some of the most challenging and dangerous flying on the planet. Its high mountainous terrain and unpredictable weather as well as remote strips make for very intense flying. Even the slightest off course deviation could mean smacking into a mountain. This type of flying can kill those that are not ready or comfortable with it. On bad weather days it can become very intense and demanding. My name is Ian Mathers. I am a Canadian professional pilot and C208B Caravan captain that has flown airplanes and ridden motorcycles around the world. I flew for Susi Air as a Caravan pilot in Sumatra and West Papua, Indonesia in 2007. The operations included part 135 charter, cargo and medevac. More at featuring thousands of pictures and videos from around the planet. You can also check out my other YouTube videos through my profile airbornebaby