Blade 400 3D Phoenix Inverted practice

July 9, 2011

Inverted hover and flight Training

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers – Phillips and Lyon

December 10, 2010

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UFO PHOENIX, AZ 5 18 2009

November 20, 2010

UFO PHOENIX, AZ 5 18 2009 EYE WITNESSED BY ME AND THESONOFLIBERTY420. UPDATE: Article from The Arizona Republic News Paper The mysterious UFO hovering over Arizona Monday has been identified. It isn’t a weather balloon and it doesn’t carry aliens. The object was actually a massive 4000-pound research balloon released from a NASA organization used to measure gamma ray emissions in high altitudes, according to Bill Stepp of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas. The balloon was launched Sunday morning at about 7:30 am from Fort Sumter, NM, and was grounded at about 9 pm Monday just south of Kingman, Ariz. Stepp said the balloon usually floats at an altitude of 130000 feet, so on a clear day it can be seen for about 170 miles. He said the balloon has raised concern from Albuquerque to Phoenix. It’s something unusual, Stepp said. People just don’t know what it is. Sightings all over Arizona Monday afternoon had several residents wondering what exactly the object was. Marshall Valentine works in an office off Scottsdale Road and Acoma Drive and said he and about five other co-workers spotted the object high in the sky around 2 pm He said the object stayed in place for over an hour. It looks like someone blew a bubble in the sky and it stayed there, Valentine said. A plane flew under it and it looked like it was a mountain higher than a plane flies. Similar descriptions of an unidentified flying, clear orb were also reported out of

Phoenix East Flight School

November 20, 2010

Watch this Phoenix East Aviation in Florida flight school student interview. Get an insight into Flight school.

Phoenix to Flagstaff in 3 minutes

November 8, 2010

Phoenix to Flagstaff in 3 minutes. Time lapse shot at 5 sec intervals with D90.

Phoenix Lights UFO Mystery 2007: Former AZ Gov Symington Admits To Seeing “Craft Of Unknown Origin”

September 15, 2010

On March 13, 1997, unexplained lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. I was in town when the mysterious event took place. While authorities would like you to believe that these were merely military flares, former Arizona Governor Fife Symington says there is much more to the story.
Symington now admits that he was among the hundreds of witnesses who saw a huge triangular object in the skies over Phoenix. The former Governor made a number of statements about the Phoenix Lights mystery to Leslie Kean, Special Correspondent to The Prescott Daily Courier. The statements were included in an article by Kean published in the Courier on March 18, 2007. In that article, the former Arizona Governor describes what he saw on March 13, 1997:
“It was enormous and inexplicable,” he said. “Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too.”
Symington was referring to a V-shaped object with lights on it seen in the skies over Phoenix ten years ago. Some estimated the lights to be the size of a football field, while others said they could have been a mile long. He continued to describe his own sighting of the triangular object: “It was dramatic. And it couldn’t have been flares because it was too symmetrical.” The former Arizona Governor revealed the object to be a “craft of unknown origin.”
While Symington hasn’t been the only political figure in Arizona to comment on the Phoenix Lights, he stands alone in his admission that they were more than just flares. When asked to comment on the Phoenix Lights in 2000, Senator John McCain said, “That has never been fully explained.” He also quickly added, “But I have to tell you that I do not have any evidence whatsoever of aliens or UFOs.”
Fife Symington says he called the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and a General with the Arizona National Guard back in 1997 to ask about the lights. None of them were able to provide him with any answers and seemed “perplexed.” One of the problems with the sightings were the multitude of explanations available at the time.
The V-shaped object with lights was seen in the sky around 8:30pm. The lights that were videotaped and seen around 10:30pm are what most people call the Phoenix Lights. These are often explained away as flares, but not everyone agrees. People that videotaped the 10:30pm event back in 1997 say the lights were in a triangular shape. Some of them had seen military flares being dropped on other occasions and say this was something completely different. However, authorities stayed with the flares explanation and explained the earlier events as a sighting of the Hale-Bopp Comet.
Synmington called for an investigation into the Phoenix Lights shortly after the sightings occurred, but the statement was a hollow one. Either he was not able to obtain cooperation from military authorities, or he never made much of an effort. However, with pressure mounting from the public, UFO researchers and news gathering organizations, he had to eventually take some action.
On June 19, 1997, Governor Fife Symington held a press conference in Phoenix. Dressing one of his aides up as an Alien, the Governor said that the Phoenix Lights were flares and nothing to get upset about. He also said that he was only joking when he ordered the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Arizona State Police) to investigate the sightings. Today, he still defends those actions.
“I wanted people to lighten up and calm down, so I introduced a little levity. But I never felt that the overall situation was a matter of ridicule,” Symington says about the infamous press conference. But not everyone was laughing. Former Phoenix Councilwoman Frances Barwood made a serious effort to investigate the sightings in 1997.
According to her recent statements, Barwood was unable to convince federal authorities to interview even one of the seven hundred witnesses that she spoke to about the Phoenix Lights. Big surprise! Being an elected official isn’t enough when it comes to getting answers about UFOs from the Military. Just ask current Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano.
Janet Napolitano called for an investigation into the Phoenix Lights during her 1997 campaign to become Arizona Attorney General and was elected to that office in 1998. Despite her former position as a U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona, we can assume that she was served the same plate of disinformation from the U.S. Military that the rest of us received. What does she think of Symington’s new revelation and the Phoenix Lights overall? We have asked and are awaiting her answer.
My own experience earlier that day was frightening and likely related to one or both the sightings of March 13, 1997. I was driving in from Flagstaff (north to south) on I-17 in the early afternoon. On a day when traffic was already heavy and almost at a standstill, State Patrol vehicles suddenly appeared and caused vehicles to pull over to the far right lanes. A few minutes later, military vehicles filled with troops and equipment covered by tarps went flying by at high speeds. The military procession lasted several minutes.
I was later told by other drivers who attended a seminar I was giving in Phoenix that the same thing happened that night and the next day. Others who attended my seminar reported being almost ‘buzzed’ by the lights while driving on various local roadways. They described huge balls of light which seemed to come down very low and keep pace with traffic. Apart from all the witness reports, more than a few people took photos and video of the Phoenix Lights.
Huge triangular objects have been a constant part of the UFO phenomenon from the very beginning. Some believe the triangle sightings date to prehistory and many point to sightings that may have occurred in the late 1800s. Most witnesses at that time assumed they were experimental kites of some sort. Then, there were all the unexplained triangle sightings in the 1950s, with and without lights. Two of the most famous involved the U.S. and British Military.
Beginning on September 13, 1952, Military Personnel aboard ships involved in NATO Operation Mainbrace saw and tracked a triangular shaped object flying at over 900 mph between Denmark and Norway. Witnesses said the object emitted a bright white light. There were additional UFO sightings during the NATO exercise as well which may have included saucer and cigar shaped crafts.
In July of 1955, a dark colored boomerang hovered completely still over Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, England, during the National Gliding Competitions. Seen by trained military observers, experienced civilian pilots and untrained spectators, the object hovered for thirty seconds before moving off to the southwest.
A triangular-shaped UFO captured the attention of the world’s press in November of 1989 when a huge, dark triangle with sparkling bright lights underneath was seen by citizens and police in Liege, Belgium. More sightings followed. In 1990, Belgium Military Officials announced that two F-16 jet fighters scrambled from a NATO base chased a triangular shaped object for over an hour. One jet locked the object in on radar. On the pilot’s screen it looked like a diamond.
There have been recent sightings of unexplained lights near Phoenix and triangular shaped craft over New Mexico and other parts of the Southwest.
The International Paranormal UFO Society asks anyone with information about the Phoenix Lights, triangular-shaped craft or other unexplained events related to the 1997 or current sightings to email us at or write to: IPUS, PO Box 203, Lebannon IN 46052. All confidentiality requests will be honored. You can also contact our Arizona Representative by email at IPUS is the International Paranormal UFO Society. Visit our website and sign up for our free newsletter at

Increased Population Density In Phoenix

September 13, 2010

Phoenix is located in central Arizona about 150 miles south of Flagstaff and 150 miles north of Tucson.
It is situated on a broad, flat desert basin amid scattered barren rocky mountain peaks. It is a large sprawling city that has expanded to envelop the surrounding communities of Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale and Sun City.
It has a small downtown area containing a few dozen high rise buildings surrounded by a large metropolitan area that has expanded outward rather than upward.
Phoenix has attracted many retired people who come to enjoy the year round warm climate, the dry desert atmosphere and the relatively modest cost of living.
Unfortunately, this popularity has given rise to increased population density, urban sprawl and traffic congestion. Nevertheless, Phoenix and the surrounding areas retain a pleasant arid climate free of the rains and mosquitoes in Florida and without the exorbitant cost of living in Southern California.
The climate is very dry with temperatures ranging from pleasantly temperate during the winter to extremely hot during the summer. Daytime temperatures often exceed 45 during the summer months but average a refreshing 20 to 25 during the winter.
Golfing at one of the many surrounding courses is popular during the winter. Residents usually avoid all outdoor activities during midday hours in the summer. Late fall and early spring are good times to visit Phoenix, in order to avoid the summer heat and the winter tourists.
The Phoenix area lies within the northern fringe of the Sonoran desert, home of the giant Saguaro cactus that can exceed 10 meters in height. The surrounding countryside varies from barren rocky waste to fields of cactus and exotic desert vegetation interspersed with mountains and mesas of varied colour rocks. It is a land that can be rugged and forbidding yet strangely beautiful.
There are many things to see in Phoenix and the surrounding area. The Desert Botanical Museum has a wonderful collection of desert plants from arid regions around the world. It is a great place to learn about the flora of the southern Arizona desert. The museum is located near the popular Phoenix zoo, which contains a fine exhibit of animals living in the surrounding desert. Heard Museum features Native American culture and art including an extensive collection of artefacts that depict the lifestyle of local indigenous people. Deer Valley Rock Art Centre is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of petroglyphs or prehistoric Native American rock art. Pueblo Grande Museum features an archaeological site revealing some of the ancient dwellings. These attractions in addition to the Mining and Mineral Museum and the Chicano Museum help form a complete depiction of the Central Arizona heritage.
Outdoor activities like golf, tennis and mountain biking are very popular all year round in Phoenix but especially during the winter months. There are nearly 120 golf courses near Phoenix. Horseback riding is another favourite pastime and many horse rental stables are located in the area.

2010 AZ motovlogger meetup: Phoenix to Flagstaff in 10 minutes

July 18, 2010

Driving into Phoenix on my way down from Flagstaff, I was blown away by the scenery, so during our group ride from Phoenix (desert) to Flagstaff (mountain town), I decided to keep the rear cam rolling until the battery died or the card became full, to share the scenery with you guys. I was towards the back of the pack. For copyright reasons, I had to use my craptacular music, but I hope you guys enjoy the vid nonetheless. Track 1: DJ Cipster – Oblivion (Original Mix) Track 2: DJ Cipster – Synthetik Harmony (Original Mix)

Day Trips Around Phoenix

June 22, 2010

There are many ways to save money in a trying economy. Many families are choosing to take smaller trips that are much closer to home. This is a great way to explore the area where you live and spend some quality time together with your loved ones. Saving money is especially important during times of economic crisis or hardship. Traveling close to home can be rewarding. It is easy to forget about the special things that lie within driving distance. Even if you do not live in Phoenix but are visiting the area, you will be pleased to discover the many fantastic sites to see in and around this lovely city. 

One amazing destination just two hundred miles north of the city is the Grand Canyon. This is one of those famous locations that everyone has heard of, even if you have never been there. Getting to the Grand Canyon is just as fun as the time you will spend there. As there are two different ways that can be taken to reach it, you can choose to take a train with the family from the Grand Canyon Railways which is south of I-40. Take exit 163. If you take the other route by the smaller city of Tusayan, this is where the Grand Canyon IMAX theater is located. Either way you go, it is fun for everyone. 

If you have children then they will certainly enjoy a visit to the Sunset Crater and Meteor Crater. Sunset Crater was created due to volcanic activity. There are organized tours that one can participate in to check it out. It can be found on Route 66, which is very well known to most North Americans. Take a ride down this infamous road to experience something new. The Meteor Crater is something entirely different and is located east of Flagstaff. It is believed to be the location where a meteor once hit the earth. Sign up for a tour here if it is something that intrigues you. 

Montezuma Castle is a wonderful place to visit and it is not all that far from Phoenix. It can be found nestled in the Verde Valley and it is open for tours every day of the year. This fascinating five story structure is said to have been inhabited by the Sinagua Indians in the 12th century. It is a national monument and definitely worth bringing your camera along for. If you continue on north from here, you will reach the well known and loved city of Sedona. It is known for being home to some of the most gorgeous landscape in the region. 

The Pima Air and Space Museum is perfect for museum lovers. There are more than 250 aircrafts on display in this museum. It has been in operation since the year 1976. The museum is located about 110 miles south of Phoenix. It is actually not far from Tuscon. There are so many places to visit around Phoenix. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, there is something that everyone will enjoy.

Phoenix to Flagstaff: A Roadside Nature of Arizona Travel Guide for Interstate 17

June 12, 2010

Product Description
Along this route you will see evidence of plant and animal adaptations to the extreme difference in elevation between Phoenix and Flagstaff. You will pass through a variety of ecosystems including the Sonoran Desert—arguably the most spectacularly weird desert on the planet. You will also see grasslands, open woodlands (savannas), and in the northern portion of the route, a majestic high-elevation conifer forest. Each of these ecosystems corresponds to a specific… More >>

Phoenix to Flagstaff: A Roadside Nature of Arizona Travel Guide for Interstate 17

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