Diamond DV20 landing by Student Pilot Pelin-first solo

June 20, 2011

that ‘s me, this video from my flight training days (atpl frozen)at Ayjet in 2008,LTBW,?stanbul plane: TC-TAD

Airline Pilot Training – Professional Air Training (PAT, UK)

June 5, 2011


Pilot Training center in Kabul

May 27, 2011

Learn to Fly at the World’s Leading Cessna Pilot Center

May 20, 2011

For more information about flight training and instruction, please visit www.McAirAviation.com

Required Aircraft Inspections – Pilot Training TV LIVE

May 12, 2011

PilotTraining.TV Required Aircraft Inspections

atpl pilot training

May 7, 2011

Jetstar launches innovative new cadet pilot training programme with CTC

April 24, 2011

CTC is delighted to have been chosen to select and train Jetstar’s future airline pilots for their operations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. This video provides more information about this great opportunity to join this award winning operation and grow with it as the company is set to expand significantly across the Australian and Asian regions.

CAE e-Learning. Pilot Training Online.

April 15, 2011

www.caelearning.com for more information on CAE’s aviation pilot and maintenance training courses.

Fly Orlando Aviation Career Pilot Training

April 10, 2011

www.flyorlando.co Understanding your options when considering a career in aviation is critical because you have SO many options to select from. Discover how simple and affordable Fly Orlando aviation can make it for you. visit www.flyorlando.co for more information

Private Pilot Training

April 6, 2011

These are some clips and pics of my PPL

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