Crazy pilots landing L-410 to Walikale(Congo small road)

December 18, 2010

Pilot’s Eye Landing in Telluride

November 23, 2010

A great view out the front window of landing an airplane at Telluride airport in Colorado.

Earning my Private Pilots License – Jandakot Airport

October 14, 2010

a quick compilation of my flight training from TIF to PPL. includes my first solo, first area solo, circuit training, stalls, navigation, radio procedures, theory, flight in Perth controlled airspace, etc. aerodromes in this video are Jandakot airport (YPJT), Northam (YNTM), Beverley (YBEV), Rottnest Island (YRTI). Completed my GFPT phase in a C152 at RACWA, then PPL phase at Minovation in a Piper Warrior and Archer. camera is a GoPro Hero (SD version for the earlier videos, HD newer).

United 1448 Pilot’s become confused at KPVD

September 13, 2010

Brought to you by United 1448 Pilot’s become confused at KPVD and nearly cause an accident. Visit for all your flight training needs

How to Fly an Airplane : Private vs. Commercial Pilots

July 22, 2010

Requirements and training for different types of pilots. Learn about the steps private pilots must take to become a commercial pilot in this free video. Expert: Mike Camelin Contact: Bio: Mike Camelin, co-founder of SunState Aviation Inc., has been a pilot for 10 years. His company is one of the country’s leading providers of Accelerated Flight Training. Filmmaker: Madison Paige

Foreign pilots learning to fly in Australia – Is it a safety risk?

July 21, 2010

Has the influx of foreign student pilots into Australia caused a degradation in safety due to poor communication and English language skills? Australia’s ‘Today Tonight’ reports. Unfortunately, this short segment doesn’t address the countless industry concerns and does not include the direct opinions of pilots or ATC. Read more at .

Excursion flight- flight training pilots +371 29111944 -Daniel

July 7, 2010

Ultralight float flying +371 29111944-Daniel – instructor flight training pilots fly on the Ultralight aeroplane over the Riga City and City Daugavpils- Excursion travel Flight above Latvia-????????????? ??????????? ????? ??? ???????

allied cadet flight training pilots Ambushed by rookie dogfighter pilot

June 7, 2010

TEEN PC GAMEs iL-2 stuRmovik1946 ubiSoft by 5 games in one DVD-Rom @ the airplanes are: Fiat cr-42 & u-2vs

Flight Simulator Review – A Pilot’s Perspective

April 11, 2010

    As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a pilot. Like many people, as a child I would look up at the sky and dream of one day becoming a pilot and flying my very own airplane. Now, many years later as an adult, I have achieved this goal. I am now a Commercially Rated Helicopter pilot, as well as a Private Fixed wing pilot.

    Before I started years of very expensive and in-depth flight training, I started to experiment with different Flight Simulators on the computer. These “games” have become so technologically advanced, that I would not even call them “games” anymore. After using these simulators, I decided that I had the passion to pursue a career in aviation. Later in Flight School, I continued to use them as “advanced learning tools” when studying for exams.

    The latest Flight Simulator Software that I would recommend to be used as an “advanced learning tool” before you think about spending $50,000 on a Commercial Pilot’s Licence is a program called Flight Pro Sim. Flight Pro Sim offers real life cockpit controls, thousands of airports and the freedom to fly anywhere in the world, and anytime of day or night with exceptional detail and unlimited weather conditions.

    For example, recently I was studying for the instrument portion of my flight test, I actually practiced instrument flying on the Cessna C-172 on Flight Pro Sim. I tracked inbound/outbound radials to the VOR at LAX (Las Angeles Airport). Navigated through different weather conditions at night using ADF equipment and also flew GPS direct. Practicing with Flight Pro Sim helped me to gain a better understanding of Radio Navigation for my flight test.

    Flight Pro Sim offers more than 80 different planes, and new ones constantly being added, from the Wright brother’s plane to the most modern military fighter aircraft, and even helicopters. If there is an aircraft that you would like to try flying, Flight Pro Sim probably has it.

    Flight Pro Sim offers a very challenging and rewarding experience. Even for a real-life Pilot like myself. I would recommend purchasing this product before making the decision to become a pilot, as this is the closest experience to Real-world Flying that I have found. If you decide to become a pilot, it can also be used as an effective training tool during your flight training.

For more information on Becoming a Pilot,

Visit my website at:

Aviation Lawyer Charles Brewer ” Northwest Pilots “

March 15, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday revoked the licenses of the two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their Minneapolis destination by 150 miles. The pilots — Timothy Cheney of Gig Harbor, Wash., the captain, and Richard Cole of Salem, Ore., the first officer — told safety investigators they were working on their personal laptop computers and lost track of time and place. The pilots, who were out of communications with air traffic controllers for 91 minutes, violated numerous federal safety regulations in the incident last Wednesday night, the FAA said in a statement. The violations included failing to comply with air traffic control instructions and clearances and operating carelessly and recklessly, the agency said. “You engaged in conduct that put your passengers and your crew in serious jeopardy,” FAA regional counsel Eddie Thomas said in a letter to Cheney. Northwest Flight 188 was not in communications with controllers or the airline dispatchers “while you were on a frolic of your own. … This is a total dereliction and disregard for your duties.” Phoenix Arizona Aviation Law Expert Charlie Brewer says it’s likely their laptops blocked the navigation instruments. Learn more at

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