Mid-Fi Electronics Pitch Pirate

November 27, 2010

email: midfielectronics@hotmail.com Ask for Doug. 🙂 I’m not quite sure what to say about this one. It’s a modulator that will do chorus to tape wind and generally everything in-between. Ray guns, drunken modulation – you name it. Mental. You may hear some clipping; this is not due to either pedal used in the recording. It’s due to my careless engineering. Sorry!! I tell ya, between the meds I’m on at the moment and this pedal, it’s been an interesting afternoon..

profpilot.co.uk | #5 Primary Flight Controls

April 6, 2009

Episode 5 looks at how an aircraft controls itself in pitch, roll and yaw using it’s primary flight controls. For European/UK pilot training course information, requirements, descriptions, listings, flight school reviews and more videos, go to http://www.profpilot.co.uk

Duration : 0:4:46

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