NAU’s Polynesian Players

January 14, 2011

Although Northern Arizona recruits most of its players from Arizona and California, over the years several players from Hawaii and Polynesia have found their way to Flagstaff. They bring athletic talent, a good work ethic, and fresh perspective to the NAU program. Here is a quick look at some of the “Poly” players who represent the Jacks. For more videos go to at Go Jacks!

My Favorite Chicago Cubs Players

March 12, 2010

Favorite Chicago Cubs Players


Listed below are a collection of Chicago Cubs players I have assembled that represent players that I have rooted for and have followed over the years. There isn’t any particular order and there may be someone I have left off and a few that someone may wonder why they are on the list. That’s ok, it’s my list. Any Cub fan can make a list.


There are 33 players on the list but there is no special reason for that number. The length of time the player was with the Cubs had a bearing but I didn’t make it a rule in that regard. Just the longer they were just meant I had a longer time to see them play.


I didn’t try to pick positions. I was not trying to make a All Star team.


Some may wonder why Bob Buhl is on the list. He probably doesn’t match up well with some of the other pitchers on the list but there is something special to me about him. Any player that takes the time to come out to my first little league game of the season and speak to the 9-12 years olds like myself at the time is going to make my favorites list.


Most of the players made the list for obvious reasons. Some are just personal choices because I liked watching them play and somewhere along the way they did do something special.


I watched Don Caldwell pitch a no hitter on WGN along with Milt Pappas and Ken Holtzman. Jim Hickman hit some memorable game breaking home runs. Dave Kingman hit some monsters. Some were part of teams that went to the playoffs. The 1969 team was a special team even though they crashed and burned.


I included Sammy Sosa but had second thoughts. He put up some big numbers and was a fan favorite for many years. But the way he finished his career by leaving the last game early and the cloud hanging over his head regarding steroid use and let’s not forget the corked bat had a simmering effect on his time with the Cubs. You don’t see his number being mentioned to be retired and his election to the Hall of fame will be in doubt.




My Favorite Chicago Cubs Players


Ernie Banks ss, 1b 1953-1971

Billy Williams of 1959-1974

Ron Santo 3b 1960-1973

Ryne Sandberg 2b 1982-1997

Randy Hundley c 1966-1973 1976-1977

Ferguson Jenkings p 1966-1973 1982-1983

Greg Maddux p 1986-1992 2004-2006

Glenn Beckert 2b 1965-1973

Don Kessinger ss 1964-1975

Jim Hickman of 1968-1973

Ken Hotlzman p 1965-1971 1978-1979

Andre Dawson of 1987-1982

Derrek Lee 1b 2004-Present

Kerry Wood p 1998-2008

Dave Kingman of 1978-1980

Bill Buckner 1b 1977-1984

Bob Buhl p 1962-1966

Don Cardwell p 1960-1962

Jody Davis c 1981-1988

Mark DeRosa if,of 2006-2008

Bob Dernier cf 1984-1987

Ryan Dempster p 2004-Present

Mark Grace 1b 1988-2000

Ted Lilly p 2006-Present

Gary Matthews of 1984-1987

Bobby Murcer of 1977-1979

Milt Pappas p 1970-1973

Aramis Ramirez 3b 2003-Present

Rick Reuschel p 1972-1981 1983-1984

Lee Smith p 1980-1987

Sammy Sosa of 1992-2004

Rick Sutcliffe p 1984-1991

Bruce Sutter P 1976-1980





Kingman Chaser Player’s Pack, Black

February 17, 2010

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