HKACC 604 Squadron elite students powered parachute solo flight (Danshui, China)

October 28, 2010

Angela, Olivia and Kitty, elite students of HKACC, came to Danshui for powered parachute solo flight training. All of them had met the requirement and acquired the solo flight certificates. Congratualtion.

Passion Takes Flight – The Biography of John & Martha King

March 31, 2009

John and Martha King are known worldwide, today, for their contributions to aviation and pilot preparedness. 30 years ago, however, they started their business of training pilots with nothing more than a passion for flight–and a spare bedroom. Among pilots, King Schools is now a household name, with more than half the pilots in the US having taken their courses. In addition to their many awards and honors, John and Martha are the first couple to each hold every category and class of FAA …

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My ultralight flight over the Island of Kaua’i (Hawai’i)

December 7, 2008

This was only our third trip to this particular island. We had eight nights planned here before heading to the other islands.

We wanted to do some things that were more exciting than we had previously. And this ultralight flight fit the bill!

We originally contacted another company — which is highly praised in a famous travel guide for this island — that does this same type of tour. However strangely enough, the owner called us back on my cellphone the day before our scheduled flight to say that he had to cancel the reservation. He apologized and said it was “just one of those things”.

Although disappointed, we were not going to let this stop us.

We had seen an advertisement in “101 Things to Do” — Kaua’i edition — and decided to contact them. They had openings and we booked a 60-minute flight.

For insurance and FAA purposes, it is called a training flight. You are actually taught the basics of ultralight flying and it is up to you on just how much you want to learn (I actually got to control the craft several times while in flight).

On the day of our flight, we were talked into a more expensive 90-minute flight that spent more time down inside and around Kalalau Valley. We jumped at it! And, yes, it was a very smart decision because we really found it interesting. At $270 per person, it was a little steep, but it was well worth it.

Our flight started at Port Allen Airport. We flew over Waimea Town and then over Waimea Canyon. We got a bird’s-eye view of the famous Waimea Canyon Lookout — a very neat perspective. We went out over the water near Honopu Valley for a glorious view of N? Pali and then came back inland deep into Kalalau Valley. Then it was back out along N? Pali Coast. We skirted the coastline to Polihale, buzzed 20 feet off the deck of Barking Sands Beach, and then skirted the coast back to the airport.

This was a 90-minute flight that I will never forget!

I took over 100 photos while on the flight. I have used most of them in this video, which has the stills in motion and set to classical music.


We flew with Aero Trek Hawai’i (formerly Ultralight Adventures Kaua’i). The website is:

To see higher resolution stills used in this video, go here:

Note: We plan on doing this again during humpback season because we feel that the aerial view of the whales would be very intriguing.

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Rocket Powered Cessna Caravan

November 11, 2008

Had some matinence done on the Caravan and some fuel was left in the system after a compressor wash. I think cessna should put this afterburner feature on all their new planes, it would deff be a show stopped to see Jet Caravan at the air shows!

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