Pregnancy FAQ

May 24, 2010

Can you share me if I’m pregnant? I know everyone on Yahoo is more reliable than googling symptoms of pregnancy. Or what’s the chances I’m pregnant if I just had unprotected sex later night. Thanks for listening, I’m just too irresponsible to imagine about my actions before I do them.or even catch a pregnancy test! Everyone knows Yahoo is way more reliable…Can you share your experience next to an IUD? I can’t take hormone Birth control. Please share your negative and positive experience with me so I can get the effects of having an iud. IUD is a no no. Don’t do it. I had one, it was dreadful. You’ll ruin your body as it tries to fight the foreign object inside your uterus….Can you skip around close to batty at 6 weeks pregnant i am also thoroughly petite? its my sisters hen do on satdy n in the day were doin a jazz on a video lol wud i stil be able to dance like crazy or would it do destruction?? it worries me? xx My Dr. didn’t want me doing anything similar to bouncing. I…Can you sleep on your stomach during first trimester of pregnancy? I am about 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am usually good sleeping on my side. However, the last few night I have not been able to sleep unless I am on my stomach. At my 6 week appointment I asked my doctor something like sleeping on my stomach and she just said that…Can you still be pregnant after an abortion? my brother was with a girl and she thought she was pregnant i regard as this girl is wired cuz she was saying the doctor could tell if the babe was a boy when she was 3 weeks pregnant and that she could feel the little one kick when she was 6 weeks pregnant. she was…Can you still catch an epidural if…? You have a tattoo on your lower back? Can they just do it difficult than your tattoo, or is there a specific spot they do it? yes your tattoo will not affect your epidural at all, I hae one on my lower subsidise as well. yeah. have a tattoo doesn’t mean anything.. you can still get…Can you still do physical stuff even if your pregnant? Im three months pregnant and wondering if i can do stuff such as exercise or walk or shop, etc what can i do and not do physically during pregnancy? You can walk, and shop as long as you’re not lifting more than 15 pounds. Don’t do anything crazy like sky dive, contact sports, things…Can you suck your stomach completely when you are one month pregnant? Why would you wanna do that?? yes, your uterus isnt out of your pelvis until 12 weeks so yes its very possible! yep yep! um yes! Source(s): 25wks yep Can you suggest a funny or clever method to speak about my husband that I’m pregnant? the greatest i have heard of…my friend went out and boughta standard sex outfit she knew he would like wrapped it up and gave it to him as a took him 20 min to realize y she bought him a baby outfit…it was so funny This website…Can you survive the swine flu while pregnant? I was wondering if I a pregnant woman contracted swine flu could she surviveC as well as the baby Um yeah… not everyone who get it dies. of course, few people near the swine flu die if they get the proper medical attention. swine flu is just a different strain of the regular flu …Can you take a false unenthusiastic experiment if you be 6 weeks pregnant? The last couple of months have been really confusing for me. Periods hold been late (and abnormal), I’ve been have pain in my lower abdomen, dimness, frequent urination, etc. A few weeks ago, I went to the ER for pain in my tummy, they thought it was appendicitis but for some reason,…Can you take a tattoo while pregnant ? Can i get a tattoo while pregnant ? (on my arm) If you feign to the tattoo place you can but i wouldn’t suggest it. Tatto and peircing places ask you if you are pregnant and if you are they will not do it. There is risk of infection even if you go to a “clean”…Can you take pregnant from dry humping? ? Are you dry humping a penis? Without sperm and an egg, there is no chance of conception. NOOOOOOOOO. rofl. Sorry but this is to funny of a question. The penis must meet the vagina and the sperm must come in contact near the egg. I’m sorry but this is kinda a silly question. The…Can you touch tot movement at 8 weeks? This is my third pregnancy and I swear I’ve been feeling movement, I keep recitation myself no it’s too early it’s just gas. I’m feeling it mode down low like little twitches and flutters. Is it even possible to feel movement this early, I give attention to the baby is only a half inch or…Can you use a second method of brith control while on the pill? anything except a condom —-NOT one of those but something else? Abstinence You can use contraceptive foam or a barrier method such as a cervical cap or diaphragm along with the birth control pill to back prevent pregnancy. Keep in mind that none of these methods protect you…Can you win pregnant if you used a condom and it slipped out but the girl is Infertile? Kai soo me and my girl had sex, well I finished in her, but when i pulled it out, the condom be off =/ soo i got the condom out that was within her, and i put it upside down on the ground, and some of the…Can you win pregnant the sunshine of ovulation and the year after how dignified are the likelihood? Very high. That’s when you’re supposed to own sex when you want to get pregnant. Source(s): js Well, there are if truth be told very few days of the month that you can get pg. Check out for more information. yes, definitely and the…Can you win symptoms “during pregnancy” that tight you will own PND? can you get symptoms “during pregnancy” that mean you will have post natal depression after the birth? I think i.e. possible. All of the hormones that you feel during pregnancy come out in waves after you impart birth. I would ask you Doctor or midwife about being ready newly in case….Can your belly still grow after a miscarriage? This was me about 2 1/2 weeks ago:… And this is me today:… I feel bigger, and look bigger, but I be said to have had a miscarriage? Could I have I don`t know had two babies and still be pregnant with one? I know that something…Can your family/regular doctor check to see if you are pregnant? They can give you a pregnancy test… but you can just turn buy one yourself as well. Yes they can, and then they will refer you to a obgyn if you are. Can your hose down break at 33 weeks when cleaning? I heard from a friend if you clean that your water COULD 33 weeks pregnant and newly curious cause I clean alot… Any suggestions? My water broke when I was bending over the sink to bathe my hands – does that count? I was also 39 weeks pregnant and was…Can’t believe Aug is here…does it surface resembling your pregnancy is flying by!? Mine has gone by waaayyyy to fast, and very soon I’m 36 weeks! I can’t believe it, I will meet her in a couple weeks. Yeah u could not enjoy convinced me it was going to speed by when I was sick for 5 months. But it seems similar to…Can’t hold on to my prenatal pills down…? I have that same problem. The doctor told me to get Flintones Vitamins with Iron. Hope this helps! and congrats! If you own tried taking them with a meal, you can also try taking them right before you shift to sleep at night. You may also have to experiment with different kind of vitamins,…Car sick while pregnant.? my family and i went up to flagstaff for the day it be about a 2 hour drive there and back and the together ride there i had a splitting headache and i felt close to i was going to throw up but as soon as i got out of the car i be fine but then i got back contained…Castor grease? i lately took some… does it really work for labor? so i just took 2FL OZ. OF castor oil with ginger juice. hopefully it works. while its kicking in i am cleaning up and packing my bags… i am crossing my fingers it works.. i know it cause the poopies but i have had them the whole pregnancy almost so i am not…Castrol grease to induce labor and your experience? I’m 39 weeks pregnant and I’ve been having a lot of false labor presently for several several days. I have read online about a lot of women doing this and it working. I really want to own her this week before my family gets surrounded by town. so how much did you take, what were your experiences…CAUTION TMI? 14 weeks and thoroughly worried? i am 14 weeks pregnant and yesterday when i went to the bathroom and wiped it was a markedly very light pink looking when i went to the bathroom an hour after that there was nothing i have sex with my husband yesterday three times and all was fine but only just now i went to the bathroom…Ceramic mold of my belly, is that unnatural? I really really want a plaster mold of my belly, but my husband thinks that it is weird. Do you think that it is strange? Well my mother in law has a friend that will do a earthenware mold for free as long as she can continue to use the mold in her art work and in…Cervical colage? ask? I just had my cerclage removed when i was 36wks and im presently 38 wks and 4 days and no baby.. I thought i was going to have my babe right after i had the removal, but no luck..My Cervix is thin! so it could be any day presently…Good Luck! Source(s): Had a cerclage removal 2 weeks ago =) Cervical length press? ive already written something about this on here but just curious if anyone has have a short cervix and been put on bedrest or hospitalized… just found out mine is 1.3cm (i’m 25 wks prego) and thats way short! i see my doctor tomorrow. so we’ll see what he say.. i have a feeling they might put me in the hospital… More Pregnancy questions please visit :